Monday, August 31, 2009

In The Still Of The Night

I love the creative side of me that has come out in

this blogging world!!!

I came up with an idea and want to go with it.

I am going to start a story, and I am hoping you,

my blogging friends will finish it.

I haven't seen this around, so I am hoping

we can have some fun!!!

Here are the rules

It's simple!!!

I will start the story.

You will add to it.

Write your lines in 50 words or less

in the comment section.

Make sure you read the comments before you,

your part of the story follows.

Then go for it!!!

I will leave it open for seven days.

Go back as often as you like and write.

At the end of five days, I will post OUR STORY!!!

Here it goes!!!

"In The Still Of The Night"

It was a dark and stormy night;

the rain fell in torrents...except at occasional intervals,

when there was a violent gust of wind.

Dusty Devoe

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2nd Pony Cousin Stampede

Our long weekend was wonderful!
The stampede was successful!
The weather was cooler, windy at times,
and nippy at night.
I wasn't prepared for that.
The Copperpony was cold.
I only brought his fly sheet.
The Desertrose loaned me another one
and we doubled up on them,
and he was all snugly!
I thought I'd share some pictures I took
of Dusty

You can see my reflection in his eye!

Dusty took his bit perfect every time

Here I am with our many ribbons we won!
We took 1st in the relay race
with Palomino girl!
3rd champagne glass
6th in pole bending
7th in barrel race & trail course
8th in key hole
I won the trophy for " Cowgirl Couture"

Dusty tied up on our ride to the river

I am so proud of my Copperpony!
He was such a good boy.
Thank you to all my Pony Cousins
for such a great time.
I am so blessed.
I love and miss you all.
Dusty Devoe

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pony Cousin Stampede

Tomorrow is the BIG day!
The Pony Cousin's will be on their way to the

We will have a grand celebration!
I will miss all of you my friends!
Can't wait to share photo's with you!
Dusty Devoe

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fall Update

Three days until the Pony Cousins and Equicuz's
head out for the big trip!

Copperpony and I are ready to go!
Thanks to all of you for the nice comments
when I took my fall.
The lip has healed up nicely.
The stitches finally came out tonight,
and I am happy with the way it looks.
It will be tender for awhile.
My bruise is fading where I landed on my cell phone.
It is still pretty sore!
I am so thankful I didn't get hurt worse.
Doc took us out for a ride on Saturday, and it went well.
I have to say, my confidence has dropped a few notches!
I know my Trusty Dusty will not let anything happen.
I know what mistakes I made.
He is a good boy, and we make a great team.
He will help build my confidence back up.
I just need to get in the saddle,
and enjoy the ride!!!

Dusty Devoe

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Cowgirlz Inspiration

May God give you eyes to see beauty

only the heart can understand.

Dusty Devoe

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Beach Trip

Today Cowboy and I went to the beach to see some dear friends.
We moved away a year ago and really miss it.
We spent six years going every weekend.
Then made a permanent move 5 years ago.
We had five properties through out the years.
We've had a camping lot, home on an interior lot,
home on the beach, home on the canal, and our last place
was a funky 1930's cottage close to the beach.
We loved all of these places, but I think our favorite was the cottage!
It would have been perfect on the beach!

When we bought this place it was full of odds and ends!
Full of junk, antiques, treasures and books, books, books!
He had everyone numbered.
It had been added on to several times.
It has a lot of character.
We worked on it for a year before moving in.
It was very dark inside.
We had to prime and paint everything twice.
We painted the ceiling, beams, and walls all the same color
to open in up.
We did paint the library a darker color.
There's built in bookcases everywhere.
The floors were old pine boards of many different
styles and sizes and colors.
We painted it all a chocolate brown to make it less noticeable.
We took out two walls to open it up when you came in.
We gutted the kitchen.
Installed painted white bead board cabinets,
travertine counters, and stainless appliances.
We put bead board on the ceiling in the dining room
and hung my crystal chandelier!
The pellet stove sat between our chairs!
We didn't get to do anything to the outside before we had to sell it.
The new owners have painted it
and we love what they have done.

This is the inside when we lived it it.
This is what we called the library.

This is the sitting area.

This is just off of the sitting area.
I don't have any pictures of the kitchen and dining rooms.
They turned out so cute.
We didn't get the bathroom remodeled.
There was still alot of work to be done when we sold.
I really miss it!

Our friends have two Great Danes.
Sadie, Kendall, Rosie
They love playing together

She has gotten very fragile since we saw her last.
She is 11 1/2
She has bone cancer.
She is loved very much.

She is 4 1/2
130 lbs!
She is really a lot of fun and a good girl!
She has really grown up.
She loves to back up to you and sit her rump on you!
We had a great time today.
We love the beach and really miss our friends.
We really thought we would retire there, but God had another plan!
Thank you for all your concern and well wishes.
I am doing good. The lip still hurts like heck at times,
but the doctor said it is healing nicely.
Those popsicle's taste pretty good!
Dusty Devoe

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Big Fall

Here I am!
Ride em' cowgirl!!!
I had my first tumble off my beloved trusty "DUSTY!"
I am okay!
Just a bruised ego !!!
We had a two days planned riding with the pony cuz's.
They trailered to our stable.
Paint Girl and Brandy
Pony Girl and her boy Riley
Saddle Mountain Rider and Skylar
Desert Rose and Lady
Cowgirls Grace and King
Cat Boulou and Atticus
Malia and JD
Doc and Profile
Our first day we rode the trails behind the stable.
Doc and I have been on several rides in the past few weeks
checking them out for the big day.
We have been having some great rides!
We were on our way back.
Copperpony and I were leading.
We had to let Doc go first to open the gate.
Everyone made it through and we headed
for the stable.
Doc and I were riding beside each other.
We do it all the time in this area. Dusty was being a STINKER!
He kept pinning his ears back. trying to nip at Profile.
I decided to make him follow in behind him,
thinking it would be better. NOPE!
He started really acting up. I got after him.
He started backing up, couldn't because there was
a horse behind him, he went the other direction
but there was a fence.
Then all HELL broke loose.
I think I panicked, he panicked, I was telling him to WHOA,
but was pulling on the reins to go backwards,
while trying to stay on with my legs,
I am sure I got him with the spurs.
I tried to stay on, but it wasn't happening!
I am very lucky.
We were in the pasture. I had on my helmet.
Saddle Mountain Rider said he was watching me
and tried to make sure he didn't step on me.
He didn't.
I'll tell you it happened so fast.
Once I knew I was falling, instinct told me to cover my face.
I landed on my backside.
That is where I wear my cell phone phone at the stable.
I have a permanent imprint! Black and blue and Huge!
It hurt like heck! Cracked the face of my phone.
Then I tasted blood.
I had split my lip.
My family and Doc kept really good care of me!
Cowboy got called to take me to the emergency room.
My physician told me they would clean it and see if it needed stitches.
So he asked me if I wanted the good or the bad news?
I said give me the bad.
He said I would need it stitched.
Then He asked me again if I wanted the good or the bad news?
I said give me the bad.
He said the shot to numb it really ,REALLY, REALLY
It was okay. It only hurt in one spot.
So I ended up with two stitches and a fat lip!
I am on day 4 and it hurts worse than when I did it.
I see my doctor tomorrow to make sure it is healing okay.
My ego is healing too.

The next day I climbed back on my trusty "DUSTY" !
We trailered out to ride.
It was really beautiful.
I have to say, I had some anxiety a couple times.
Doc got after me to relax!
Dusty was really good.

I have played the whole scenario over and over
again in my mind, trying to see what I did wrong.
First thing I should have done was to disengage him!
Doc and I are going to work on this.
I take the blame. I think it was my fault.
Yes, Dusty should have stopped when I said WHOA.
He was reacting to by signals.
I was confusing him.
I learned a lesson, a BIG lesson.
He has never acted this way towards Profile, his best buddy.
I am wondering if it was because he was the lead horse
before we went through the gate, and he was only trying
to do the job I set before him.
I am going to forget about it and move on.
I am looking forward to our big trip coming up in a week!
I do trust him.
Thank you Doc, and all of my family for being there
immediately to help.
I LOVE you all!!!

Dusty Devoe