Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cowgirlz Inspiration

Hold fast your dreams!

Within your heart

Keep one still, secret spot

Where dreams may go

And , sheltered so,

May thrive and grow.

louise driscoll

dusty devoe

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In The Still Of The Night

A week ago I asked you to all write a story with me.
I waited in anticipation for the next chapter!
I think it kept everyone in suspense wondering what
would happen next.
So here is "OUR STORY!"
"In The Still Of The Night"
It was a dark and stormy night;
the rain fell in torrents...
except at occasional intervals,
when there was a violent gust of wind. (dusty devoe)
Thunder crashed and lightening burst in the dark sky
illuminating the small herd of horses.
They sought out what shelter they could find
in the scrubby brush.
Huddled together they shivered as their rain-soaked hides
were chilled further by the wind. (cndcowgirl)
The herd of wild Mustangs were just trying to ride out
the storm after the long and relentless rain shower.
The thunder and lightening was only heard in the distance.
Day was breaking, the sun was coming up.
The Mustangs sighed...
what was to become of this day? (paint girl)
As the suns rays touched their mangled coats,
its warmth began to radiate in their still chilled bones.
In the distance arching over the valley was a brilliant rainbow
stretching from one mountain top to another.
Basking in the warmth, the herd slowly began to
lower their heads to nibble at the
sweet grass at their feet. (desert rose)
When the sun was a bit higher in the sky,
and the shadows short, the herd slowly gathered
around the lead mare. Ever so slightly heads began to dip,
as they dozed to catch up on sleep missed during the
previous nights storm.
Suddenly, the stallion's alert ears twitched...
detecting a faint sound in the distance. (john and regina zdravich)
He knew danger was not far away.
He listened ever so closely.
He knew that he did not have that much time
to get his family to safety.
He turned and looked at his herd and realized just
how much they all depended upon him. (cowgirljlynn)
The lead mare, alerted by the stallion,
lifted her velvety black muzzle and sniffed the wind.
She heard the faint sound of the helicopter,
but overriding that she could smell the fire.
She wheeled and snorted, and struck out at a trot,
the stallion urging the herd to follow. (shirley)
The herd began to run across the damp red earth.
There was panic in the way they galloped as the
helicopter passed over them and circled.
The herd broke in two as they started down a steep,
rocky embankment, towards the creek.
As they neared the bottom, several horses began
to cross the creek, swollen from the rains the night before.
A mare and her foal stopped and paced the waters edge,
the mare sensing the swiftly moving current was too
strong and deep for her foal to navigate. (pony girl)
The stallion stopped when he saw the mares hesitation.
He called to her and impatiently; he struck the ground.
The mare stepped back.
She glanced behind her as if to look for another way out.
The foal hid behind his dam, fearful of the sounds above
and the raging water in front of him. (tammy)
Then all of a sudden...
there was a loud crack as the ground started to give away
beneath the very hoofs of the two scared horses.
The frightened mare instinctively knew she had to get
across the swollen river, and bring herself and
her frightened baby to safety. (faithful)
So she did the only thing she could...
with moments to spare. (cousin b)
She jumped. It was their only chance.
Hoping with every fiber of her being that her baby
would follow her into the murky, fast moving water.
He did, the stallion bringing up the rear.
They got halfway across, when suddenly, out of nowhere... (sares)
Here come the Pony Cousins to the rescue thundering down
the small trail path that lead to the river's edge.
Copperpony's cowgirl leading with her trusty Dusty.
They had been on one of their yearly riding adventures
out on the range, then decided to go into the woods
for a ride before the sun went down.
Paint Girl mentioned she heard a faint sound off
in the distance that sounded like horses in distress.
When they reached the small clearing,
they couldn't help but feel sorry for the foal.
So with one swing of her rope, Copperpony's cowgirl
caught the little sorrel colt and brought him to safety.
They all knew he wouldn't have made it through the current.
He reminded her so much of her boy.
He had a soft little eye just like him.
He was to worn out to put up much of a fight.
She was proud how Dusty pulled him out of the water so calmly.
Pony Girl got off My Boy, bent down to take off the rope,
when suddenly she felt a horse nuzzling
the nape of her neck gently. It was the mare...
They all just stood in amazement.
She was seemingly saying thank you,
and the horses walked safely away.
Meanwhile, Jessesdesertrose had set up camp
with lots of good food and of course a round
of MIMOSAS for all. (lulo designs/blue eyed tango)
It was a beautiful sight watching the horses walk away,
spend, tired, appearing grateful that they were together again.
So the Pony Cousins headed back to camp
and were thrilled to find a warm fire
and Desertrose's perfect
MIMOSAS waiting for them!!! (cousin b)
I love the ending!
Thank you to all who participated.
I had so much fun...
We will do it again in a few months.
As John and Regina Zdtavich said
Dusty Devoe