Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Birthday Girl

Somebody is having a birthday today!!!
She's my baby!

She's my "PAINT GIRL!"
she's intelligent, witty, fun...
she's caring, loving, sensitive...
beautiful inside and out!

2 yrs old

Born July 28th 3:37 A.M.
9 lbs 1/2 oz
21 in. long
2 weeks old

5 months old

3 yrs old

5 yrs old

18 yrs old

"PAINT GIRL" & her dad (Cowboy)
You make us proud to be your parents

Hope your day is as special as you...

We LOVE you!!!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday Dear Paint Girl
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

Dusty Devoe

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Big Trip

"PONY COUSINS" uncensored

Yep, that's our motto!
We are wild and crazy cowgirls!!!
We are headed for our second stampede in one month!

We are going with the equicuz's.
Our BELOVED pony's!

Pony Girl "she who rides spotted pony"
Dusty Devoe "she who rides copperpony"
Paint Girl "she who rides painted pony"

Dead Eye "she who rides with semi-colon "

Cat Balou "she who rides with wings"

Albie's Jewel (A Cowgirl's Grace)
"she who rides with dreams in her heart"
Queen of Hearts
"she who rides many pony's"

The Rosebud "she who rides with papoose"
The Desert Rose "she who rides with cleavage"

Saddle Mountain Rider "she who rides with much whiskey"
Princess Sassy Pants (Palomino Girl)
"she who rides with cell phone"

Bronco Betsy "she who rides many pony's"
Talladega James "she who rides with full moon"
I LOVE these pictures!
We are all with our lovely daughters!
We are so blessed to share this journey with them!

Stay tuned for more fun!!!

Dusty Devoe

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's A Good Life

My life is so busy these days!
It is non-stop.
But all good...
I am sure most of you are having the same problem.
But I am lovin' every minute of it EXCEPT
the having to go to WORK part!
My COPPERPONY is modeling his bit!
We've made wonderful progress with our mission!
Dusty will wear the training bit for another 6 weeks.
When we get back from our big trip,
we will change up.
Don't want to "rock the boat " now!

I am now on another mission!!!
Dusty's workouts.
We are trying to get some more muscle on my fat boy!
Going on a trail ride with Doc on Sunday.
We've been working with the wormer tube
and he is doing great with it.
Still working on the fly spray.
It is such a struggle for him.
But you all know, Doc is persistent, and has lots of patience,
so he will love it eventually!

It was really hot here today.
My car thermometer showed 87 .

And here is Lily, laying on her heating pad
on this hot day!!!
It only gets warm when she is on it.
My sister's dear friend got hurt really bad
in a freak accident with her horse.
She has just gone through three surgery's totaling 10 hours.
Her name is Darlene.
You can read about her and get updates on
"Jessesdesertrose's blog"
Please keep her in your prayers.
Thank you
Dusty Devoe

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Two Princesses

Dusty Devoe and Cowboy had some visitors a couple weeks ago.
"Pirate Princess"

"Cowgirl Princess"
Papa and Grammy took them to the lake to play.
It was a beautiful day!
We packed a picnic lunch.
The "Princesses" had SO MUCH FUN!
I love watching them play.
They really like to be together and love each other!

I can't wait for them to come back!
Dusty Devoe

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cowgirlz Inspiration

Take delight in the Lord, and

He will give you the desires of your heart.

PSALM 37:4

Dusty Devoe

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dreams Really Do Come True

"HAPPY 2nd Anniversary" Copperpony!!!
today I celebrate having my beloved Dusty in my life

This was the first picture I saw of him...
it is one of my favorites!

I feel truly blessed to have him in my life!

I love where this journey has taken me.
I am living a dream that has become a reality.
You've taught me about love, life, and learning.
You give me hope, strength, and courage.

Thank you for choosing me Copperpony!!!
I will be yours forever...
My heartstrings are attached!!!
Dusty Devoe

Thursday, July 9, 2009


We have been so busy lately with the COPPERPONY !
It will be 54 days today since we started
really working with the bridling.
We have only missed a few days going out to the stable.
We are also working with fly spray and worming.
Poor baby, he's being so abused!
Things are going good!!!
Our friend Doc is still by our side daily helping!
I haven't had much time to post.
I have been getting a few more hours at work
during this summer and don't get home
until 10:30 PM.
I have been trying to get more rest,
instead of staying up so late.
I feel like I have been going non-stop, feeling a bit run down.
Our first priority is Dusty and keeping
him on this schedule.
I've been given some awards, and have been a
bad blogger friend for not acknowledging them
I want to thank all of you who have awarded me these.
They are greatly appreciated, and I love all of you.
I have lots of things to post about.
I promise I will in the next week or two.
Just need to get back on track.
I have been reading all of your posts
Haven't left to many comments, but I am thinking about all of
you my friends!!!
Dusty Devoe

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cowgirlz Inspiration

God Bless AMERICA!

Dusty Devoe