Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peaceful Endings

we have an old cemetery in our backyard
there are many beautiful old grave sites here

if we only knew their story's, their hopes and dreams

this cross is my favorite
it looks like it is made out of stones
i love how time has aged it with
patina and moss
the picture doesn't really show how
statuesque this is

this is a child's grave
the lamb is precious

this belongs to a young girl

what could have happened to her...
she lived such a short life

i find it very peaceful here

i know that may seem strange to some of you

but i read the names and try to imagine...

the kind of life they lived

happy times, sad times

hoping they all knew what it meant

to love and be loved

i have decided to adopt several of these grave sites
and put flowers on them through out the year

i am drawn to the crosses

this is a beautiful granite stone

Dorothy Sturgess
she lived to be 81 yrs old

wonderful detail

we have a family cemetery in the little
town where my dad grew up

it sits up on a hill

it is beautiful

ever since i was a little girl...i knew i wanted it to be

my final resting place

Dusty Devoe

Monday, March 30, 2009

Drum Roll Please...

meet ole' blue eyes...
we call him boggie
boggie and rosie's stories are entwined...

it was Christmas time and we were with
pony girl and paint girl , and her man for
the holidays.

the girls and i went to an animal rescue...

cowboy made it very clear

NO more animals!!! he he

i fell in love with rosie the minute i saw her.
i thought she was the most beautiful dog.
she had just came in as a surrender.

i wanted her...i had to have her...

pony girl called cowboy to convince him
that this was the perfect dog for us...


NO more animals he said !!! he he

so home we went

i was heartbroken

i wanted this girl...

this is an amazing shelter

paint girl and her man had adopted a cat
a few weeks prior.

we talked the boys into going back to the shelter
cowboy made it very clear before leaving...

NO more animals!!! he he

i could hardly contain my excitement...

i knew he'd fall in love with this

girl if he saw her!

cowboy thought she was pretty...but

NO more animals! he he

cowboy wandered around to the cats...

he zeroed in on a cat named Frank

a "Norwegian Forest" cat

aka ole' blue eyes

he wanted to see him...wanted to hold him...
he fell in love

he wanted to take him home!!! he he

so MY cowboy says...

i suppose if i want this cat


have to let you have that DOG!?! he he

i said

"that's the way it works cowboy!!!

i got my beautiful girl


he got ole' blue eyes!!! he he

we decided to take boggie to the beach house

to keep lily company.

they are best friends

now he is no small cat

he weight 20 lbs

and is huge!

he is twice the size of lily

he is a such a sweet boy

I love this picture

Cowboy is so happy he found this guy!

Boggie loves Cowboy too

he is in his lap everyday for his nap! he he

Dusty Devoe

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friends Forever

some of us are blessed to have life long friends.

i am BLESSED !!!

she gave me this little note about a year after I met her

when she left her job to have her first child

she has been my friend for 30 years

she is like a sister

i loved her parents like my own

we raised our children together

shared our hopes and dreams

meet my friend

dusty devoe & Pam

she plays guitar & violin
sings like an angel!!!

has published a seafood cookbook

and is gourmet cook

she is beautiful...caring...genuine...

she will always be there for me when i need her

two girls having fun on new years eve

maybe a little to much

cowgirl courage!!!


i miss you terribly...and hope to see you soon!!!

I'm so glad we've been such good friends,

as truly good friends are as rare as precious gems.

i love you...

Dusty Devoe

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh nooo!

what have you been doing copper pony!?!

a little bit of hoof damage!

Dusty Devoe

Friday, March 27, 2009

Splish Splash

it was time for cowgirl rosie to have a bathe!

we always start off with giving her a manicure...
or is it a pedicure!?!

i love this shampoo

it smells kind of woodsy, like cedar
you can even use it on your equine friends

do i really need to have a bathe?

i don't think i'm stinky

yes cowgirl, no way of getting out of it!

how pathetic is this?

now that wasn't to bad was it???

cookies for the good girl!

pretty cowgirl

she is so silly after her bathe!!!

Dusty Devoe

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lily's twin

A few years ago I found this ceramic cat at an estate sale. It reminded me of our
"Lily Bug." It had green eyes. I painted one blue to match hers.
I can't tell you how many times Cowboy and I thought this was Lily just
glancing at it sitting there!

Will the real Lily please come foward!!!

Dusty Devoe

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tail Flagging

pony girl posted today about "my boy's" tail flagging

"copper pony" did the same thing yesterday during his playtime

now what are the odds of both guys doing this!?!

this is something i have never seen him do before

i was told dusty has some morgan in him

is this a characteristic of morgans?

maybe it is because spring is in the air

they are anxious for those warm, sunny days!

i know i am sooo ready!!!

Dusty Devoe

Monday, March 23, 2009

Play Time

Copper Pony loves to romp around

in the arena... somedays i just am not up to

riding, so Cowboy and i groom, let him

free play, kick up his hoofs, and graze .

i usually don't get anything exciting on the

camera, but this time i took two decent video's.

dusty was full of energy today! he usually runs

back and forth, but today he ran in circles.

he is always happy to see us and sure seemed

to be having fun.

Dusty Devoe

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Cowgirlz Inspiration

the best gift you can give to others is yourself...

your friendship...your ear to listen...

your encouragement...your wisdom...

Dusty Devoe

Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Is Here

I am so ready for sunshine! flowers! flip flops! trail rides! This is what I found yesterday at the stable
A soaking wet, muddy horse. Now I sure hope he doesn't think I am going to do some lovin' on him like this!!!

It was also time for worming. This is not one of Dusty's fun things to do with MOM.
Dr. Tony, the barn manager is always willing to help with this little chore! Most of the time it is a BIG chore!

OH MY GOD, he's going to kill me...

Help me MOM!

Holy crap...what is that?

Okay, maybe it's not going to get me after all

Maybe I will like it. Is this some kind of new treat Mom?


Today Dusty was a very good boy! Thank you Doc for always being willing to help, and having the patience to get the job done without any problems.

Thank you Cowboy for taking me to the laundromat to wash his dirty blanket. I just could not put that wet, dirty, stinky thing back on our copper pony!!!
Dusty Devoe