Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Thoughts

"All That Jazz" is moving!!!

A space has become available for us to move downstairs.

We are excited to be where all the traffic is.

We have had a first great month.

I mentioned I was overwhelmed.
My work schedule is different eveyweek.
I just try to go with the flow,
but sometimes it just gets the best of me.

Life always has it's ups and downs.

I've been having some issues with constant muscle aches
for awhile now.

Went in for a physical last week.
Just a few minor things.
Lacking Vitimin D and my cholesterol needs to be lowered.

Tested negative for Rheumatoid factor.

Most likely Fibromyalgia.

Started medication a week ago.

Hoping it will do the trick!!!
I will rise above the storm!
I feel very lucky, it could be worse.

Hoof beats in my heart!

How can this sweet boy be such a stinker at times.

Yesterday we started our "getting in shape program."

He didn't think he needed to be on the lunge line.

Cowboy thinks he forgot.


He did not forget.

He remembered real fast!

It was also time to worm him.

Now that was a challenge.

But we got through it.
Doc noticed he has "scratches" on two of his legs.
His turnout has been pretty wet and muddy.
It should be getting better now since the
weather is getting nicer.
I researched it tonight, and it is common to get it
on white leg markings.
Guess what?
It's on both of his legs with white socks.
So we cleaned and treated it.
This is the first time he has had it.
Rise above the storm and you will find Sunshine!
Mario Fernandez

I am blessed!

Have a great weekend!

dusty devoe

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Be Good To Yourself

I need to fill my soul with this much loved four legged beauty.
Be yourself truthfully
Accept yourself gracefully
Value yourself joyfully

I 'm having a hard time getting it together these days.
I am feeling overwhelmed.

Forgive yourself completely
Treat yourself generously
Balance yourself harmoniously

I am simplifying my life.
Bless yourself abundantly
Trust yourself completely
Love yourself wholeheartedly

Empower yourself prayerfully
Give yourself enthusiastically
Express yourself radiantly
~author unknown~

"Celebrate Your Life"

dusty devoe

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What's Calling Me

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

I can't believe it is April.
I so want to get outside and work in my yard.
I love gardening.
Have gotten away from it the last couple of years.
Love the warmth of the sun.
I'm feeling a bit tarnished, weathered and rusty .
I have been under the weather for two weeks now.
Cowboy made me go to the doctor yesterday.
The diagnosis; bronchitis.
I am on antibiotic's.
Should start feeling better soon.

I love this picture.

live in the moment...

A Cowgirls Grace, Jessesdesertrose, Copper Pony's Cowgirl
dressed in our Easter dresses
Hope is making a dream... Aristotle
We are excited...things are selling at
"ALL That Jazz" !!!

Look deep within yourself and recognize
what brings life and grace into your heart...
Really missing spending time with my boy.
I am feeling guilty and sad.
Struggling to get through the days working.
My heart still belongs to you sweet boy.
dusty devoe