Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday

i sat at my computer last night and struggled
to come up with anything to post today
it just wasn't happening
i woke up this morning
i have so much to be thankful for
family, friends, my pets, and my health

i love this picture of lily bug
i've always thought it looks like she is praying
this is cowboys grandmother, Elma

this is grandma's bible

you can see is is very worn with love

there is no date in this bible
grandma has a date of 1949 written in it
and a note on the next page that
this bible is about 50 years old
making it at least 100 years old today

as i glance through the pages i discovered there
are some verses circled
these are listed above on the
front page

there are some beautiful pages

grandma always tucked things away
these dried flowers are still in the bible
she loved her flowers and had a
beautiful yard

As I post today, I am thinking of others
and their difficulties they are going through
I am asking you to pray for these families
as they are facing many heartbreaking issues
in their lives right now

you can go to their web sights

Praying for April Rose
Kayleighs Story
Praying for Stellan

ISAIAH 41:10

Fear thou not; for I am with thee:
be not dismayed; for I am thy God:
I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help
thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the
right hand of my righteousness.

Dusty Devoe

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

desertrose & jesse
from jessesdesertrose

Dusty Devoe

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cowgirl Coutour

the PONY COUSINS had their first
COWGIRL Stampede

we had many events
scheduled for the weekend
Dusty Devoe & Copperpony "Dusty"
i love this picture
we all chose a song and did a routine to showcase
our horse and ourselves
i chose Everything
Andy Chrisman
everyday there's something more to discover
about you...
every time my eyes are uncovered i see
more of you...
taken back by the depth of love
and the echo of your name...
and the way that you never change
and there's more, and more, and more and more...

i chose to dress like an Indian maiden on this ride

like a never ending day for a kid in a toy store...
with a secret map just for me
and a prize behind every door...
that's how i feel about this life
the adventure that you bring...
beyond my wildest dreams
and there's more, and more, and more, and more...
you're everything i'll ever need
you're so much more...
and everywhere i go
you've gone before...
and every time i'd thought
i'd seen the best you had to give...
you show me something new
again, and again, and again, and again...

Dusty Devoe & Copperpony

WON 2ND place


Cowgirl Coutour!!!

it's not the way you've touched my broken heart

it's not the way you call my name...

it's not the grace, the mercy that you've shown

it's everything, you are EVERYTHING !

Dusty Devoe

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Week

I can't believe another week has ended...
time is just going by way to fast.
Have some updates for you.
Cowboys doing well with his hearing aids.
He is on his 10Th day.
He is being a good boy and wearing them
everyday! He is amazed at all the sounds
he has been missing all these years!
Birds singing! He has even forgotten what some
things sounded like! Today they talked to him
and told him he needed new batteries!!!
We put the equi-spot on Dusty. It was
challenging! The Copperpony was a BIG Pill!
But Doc preservered and go it on him. A big thanks
again! Hoping the sun will be shining tomorrow
and I can see how it really works.
Dusty is wearing his fly mask and sheet now.
I am going to ride tomorrow in the arena. I need
to get my boy back into shape for his BIG trip
coming up in August! Will post about that later.
I got to spent some time with some of my
wonderful PONY COUSINS this weekend.
I have received some awards from my blogging
friends, and will talk about those is the next few days.

One of my daily devotionals for today...

i am glad that in the springtime
of life there were those who
planted flowers of love in my heart

Robert Louis Stevenson

a nice way to end my day!!!


Dusty Devoe

Cowgirlz Inspiration

a friend is one who joyfully sings with you

when you are on the mountain top and silently

walks beside you through the valley

William A Ward
Dusty Devoe

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Clucky and Lucky


CLucky & LUcky

cowboy won them at the FAIR

when he was a small boy

aren't they cute!!!

Dusty Devoe

Friday, April 24, 2009


i've come to the conclusion that

have an



i do
really, really

i am in


i mean really, REALLY



with MY horses face!

YES i have one MILLION head shot pictures of my

i CAN"T seem to get enough

do you have treats

i love how the

is blowing his

he looks like he's smelling the air

one MORE

one MILLION and one

I think this might be
one of my favorites!


belongs t0



Dusty Devoe

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stinky Boys bath

in my post a few days ago i showed this picture
of Dusty and the dreaded
now COPPERPONY doesn't think He
likes or needs FLY SPRAY!
i don't think it's the wetness of the spray
as much as it is the spraying sound
he is afraid of
Dr. Tony says he LIES all the time!
Dusty puts up a FUSS with a lot
of things
but gives up when the persistent
Doctor doesn't give in!!!
we are going to use this on Dusty tomorrow
as i want to give him some relief
i will continue to work with water in the sprayer
has anyone tried this and how effective is it?
DOC and Dusty having a little PRAYER meeting!!!
today was bath time for my STINKY

and did he ever stink!!!

cowboy was my photographer today!

shiny hiney!

today was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day!

all gussied up!!!


now that's not so bad is it!
Doc has a lot of patience with him...
Dusty has his moments, things scare him,
but by staying calm and talking to him
you can get him through it.
smells pretty!

Dusty Devoe

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beautiful Day

went to the stable yesterday to find this!
sorry Copperpony
if you weren't such a stinker about fly spray
the bug-lets would not eat you!

look at this shiny hiney!
can you guess why?!
it's a beautiful day here again today!
a little sunshine does wonders for the SOUL...
my niece Sares from LOVELEIGH Treasures
posted about a mystery plant in her yard.
this is about to bloom in mine!
can you guess what it is?
i will show more pictures in a few days!!!

Dusty Devoe

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Beloved Dusty

I've been having a really hard time getting

motivated to do much of anything lately...

even going to the stable to spend time

with the one thing i am most passionate about

my beloved Copperpony DUSTY...

as i sit here tonight and write this

tears fall from my eyes because i

i feel like i have been avoiding spending time

with him...and i don't know why

i worry and fear i won't be able to keep him in this

tough economy...

but staying away isn't going to make it better

or take my fears away

i guess it's okay to take a break from the things

you love

but i beat myself up with guilt

this video shows me how much i love this guy

i love his power

his beauty, his strength

his breath breathing on me

i love him with all my heart and soul...

as i turn the page to todays devotional

i believe things happen for a reason...

I am convinced that God has built into all of us an

appreciation of beauty and has even allowed us to

participate in the creation of beautiful things and

places. It may be one way God brings healing to

our brokenness, and a way that we can contribute

toward bringing wholeness to our fallen world.

Mary Jan Worden

i believe DUSTY entered into my life for a reason

life does not always serve us what we want

on a silver platter, but the fact that we get served

anything at all is reason enough for me to

nurture a grateful heart and expect even

greater things in the future...

Copperpony brings me such joy...

i just need to find it again!~

Dusty Devoe

Birthday Boy

don't be shy COWBOY !!!
Paint Girl and her OH
if it makes you feel any better,
that joke's OLDER than you


I'd steer clear of anyone named Elmer
if I were you! hee hee

Pony Girl
it's just another birthday!
have a happy one!

cowboy and the Professor
my fisherMAN!

Cowboy and his Cowgirl Rosie

Happy Birthday to
my COWBOY!!!

Dusty Devoe

Friday, April 17, 2009


this tree was beautiful in the sunshine today!!!

Cowboy in front of the Veteran's Medical Building...
today was a big day for him
he got his new hearing aids
now one would think this is not a big deal right?
there are a lot of issues when you first start wearing them...
first one is you can hear, and i mean hear!!!
sounds that you haven't heard in years
where are they coming from?
what is it?
the audioaligist fits the aids in your ears
they are connected to a computer that adjusts them
according to your hearing loss
cowboy listened to these words over, and over, and over
a carrot is a long, reddish, yellow vegetable
which has several leaves on a long stem
that belongs to the parsley family...
carrots are grown all over the world
in gardens and wild fields!!! hee hee
there must be some significance in this phrase
my cowboy has tinnitus in both ears (constant ringing)
can't hear high pitches
and can't hear out of one ear at all
he has to faithfully wear them 8 to 10 hrs a day
it will take several months to get used to them
eventually a lot of the background noise will go away
once you get used to hearing again
it will be very frustrating
a lot of people don't give them a chance
it will be a challenge
two of the most common complaints
when first wearing your new aids
everything is to loud
and your own voice is to loud
immediately i noticed Cowboy was
talking quieter
the volume on the tv used to be set
at 50, now it's on 20
everything is
clothes in the dryer are irritating
blinds banging on the door when being
opened and closed
dishes being washed
the list goes on...
not only is
this is a big commitment
for MY Cowboy
but for me as well, as i need to understand
what he is going through
it isn't going to be easy
it will take a lot of patience from both of us
but with perseverance and a lot of love
we will succeed!!!

we had to participate in a fire drill while there!!! lol

My niece Sare's, from loveliegh treasures
stopped in tonight with the lil' man cub to see
for some reason he was being shy
and hiding behind his Auntie Sare's

peek-a boo

Cowgirl Rosie was in bed at 6:30

she was tired from her busy day!!!

Dusty Devoe

Thursday, April 16, 2009

New Doo

today was salon day for Dusty Devoe!
there are a lot of fun things outside the salon

this little table is at the entrance...
to get to my salon
you go thru a cute little coffee and desert shop
full of antiques and lots of fun treasures!

i am in heaven!
i love, love, love crystal chandeliers!
just need my cowhide rug!

look at that beautiful ceiling
antique wallpaper

this little shop is packed to the ceiling with


i would love to have this
Pink bench

this is an old built in safe
look at the detailed wood molding

HAIR we are!

Salon PINK!

this is just the cutest little shop tucked in a corner
behind french doors!

the Christmas tree is still up!
cozy little fireplace in the corner

look at the feather hat as a tree topper

and we have chandeliers!!!

LOVE this color on the wall...
my dining room at my beach house
had one wall painted almost identical

"mine was called pink punch"

here i am!
i was way, way,way over due for a new DOO!
i was feeling like an
57 year old lady!

now i feel like a
sexy frumpy
57 year old lady!!!

Dusty Devoe