Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's A Good Life

My life is so busy these days!
It is non-stop.
But all good...
I am sure most of you are having the same problem.
But I am lovin' every minute of it EXCEPT
the having to go to WORK part!
My COPPERPONY is modeling his bit!
We've made wonderful progress with our mission!
Dusty will wear the training bit for another 6 weeks.
When we get back from our big trip,
we will change up.
Don't want to "rock the boat " now!

I am now on another mission!!!
Dusty's workouts.
We are trying to get some more muscle on my fat boy!
Going on a trail ride with Doc on Sunday.
We've been working with the wormer tube
and he is doing great with it.
Still working on the fly spray.
It is such a struggle for him.
But you all know, Doc is persistent, and has lots of patience,
so he will love it eventually!

It was really hot here today.
My car thermometer showed 87 .

And here is Lily, laying on her heating pad
on this hot day!!!
It only gets warm when she is on it.
My sister's dear friend got hurt really bad
in a freak accident with her horse.
She has just gone through three surgery's totaling 10 hours.
Her name is Darlene.
You can read about her and get updates on
"Jessesdesertrose's blog"
Please keep her in your prayers.
Thank you
Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

I still can't believe what happened to D. D will be in my thoughts and prayers!! Such a freak accident that can happen at anytime. I try to always be careful when I am around my horses, but I even do stupid things, like walk under my horses neck when they are tied, stupid me, I know better! I will work on that.
I am so happy that Dusty is doing so well with the bitting. I can't wait to ride with you! Hopefully before our trip.
Lilly is so sweet! I might have to get one of those heating pads for my cats, but with 5 of them, they will probably fight over it!

Leah Fry said...

If we had a day it was only 87, we'd call it a cold snap!

Will add your friend to my prayer list.

Mary Olson said...

Went and read about the accident. Frightening to read something like that because I don't see what she could have done to avoid something so unpredictable. I'll keep her in my prayers.

Glad to hear your work with Dusty is going well. And I am completely with you on the work thing. Such an inconvenience but one that you have to be thankful for these days.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Good work with the pony.
Sorry to hear about your friend

Desert Rose said...

Good job Copper Pony!!! Now are you gonna load for your Auntie Rose??? You got one week to think about it!LOL

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Congratulations on getting the bit on your horse! That is a real accomplishment. I would bet that the rest (wormer, fly spray) will be easier now that he has gotten past this problem. So sorry about your friend...of course she will be prayed for out here. Cats are really something aren't they? It's all about comfort with them, but how they can be comfortable with that much heat is beyone me!

jane augenstein said...

Good luck with all the work you are doing with your Copper Pony! Sounds like he is doing well with the bit, Gilly is still a stinker with his. Not wanting to take it sometimes then other times he opens right up. Brat!!!
It's hot here too and humid.....ugh! so today I didn't ride and the danged horse flies are horrible!!! Gilly and I both need a full body fly suit!
So sorry to hear about D. and her accident, I read about it on Jesse's blog. So scary!!!
do take care!
~Jane and Gilly~

Pony Girl said...

Well, old habits die hard sometimes. My Boy decided to pull the "no catching thing" today. Let's just say after galloping around his pasture in the 80+ degree heat, he gave up pretty quickly (a good 20 minutes, though.) He was a huffing and puffing and very sweaty. I will always win that battle, let me tell ya! Glad you are trail riding, it will help build that muscle! xo

Ali said...

I read about the accident D had, that is so scary! Praying for her.

I am so glad for you and Dusty, what a good boy! And Lily is so cute on her heating pad, silly kitty ;-)

cowgirljlynn said...

I walk under Albert's neck all the time cause he doesn't move. But when I did that with King I got wacked in the head two times cause he doesn't stand still. I learned from that one. But I klnowthat I will still do it with Albert and I should'nt!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your sister's friend...I will be praying for her, I will have to follow that link now..

I hope you have a great ride this weekend!! Can't wait to hear about it!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I read about Darlene on the Rose's blog. Made my heart squeeze tight. It only takes an instant to get hurt around a horse....very scary. Even when you are as careful as can be, sometimes things are just out of your control. sigh.

Anyway, I know you're proud of your handsome Dusty. What kind of bridle/training bit are you using? Is that a side-pull?
I hope you enjoy your time with Dusty, too. You sound like you could use some more time away from work to enjoy your handsome pony.

Lilly is such a little princess sitting on her fluffy heating pad. So pretty.

It's been in the mid 90's here during the day, but we've had some nice breezes and at night the temps drop down into the low 60's. Brrrr. We sleep good wrapped in our blankets, though.

We sure could use some rain, though. We usually have our summer monsoons by this time, but all we keep getting our lightning storms...and you what that danger! gah!


Cousin B said...

I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.