Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sentimental Journey

On my way to work today, I started crying.
This time of year always takes me on a sentimental journey.
You see,
I've lost some very special loved ones during the holidays.
"Sadness flies away on the wings of time"
Jean de laFontaine

Cowboys Mother
Violet Lavane Angel
Nana Vi
She was my "Angel"
She was my mother-in-law...
She was my friend.
I miss her terribly.
Dec 4th 1989
"A Gift For You"
What could I give you that you'd keep for all time?
I'd give you the world, but the world isn't mine.
I'd give you the moon to shine everyday,
And give you the sun to brighten your way.
But I don't own the world, or the moon up above.
So all I can give you is all of my love.
It may not be much, but at least it is mine,
And now it is yours
To keep for all time.

Uncle Lester
Dec 22,1997
My mother's brother
My Uncle Lester lived out of state.
We only saw him every few years.
But one thing I always knew, even when I was a little girl,
was how much he loved my sisters and I.
I regret not being able to spend more time with him.
My Great-grandmother "Nanny"
We lost her on Christmas day many years ago.
She was so sweet and loved all her grandchildren.
Five Generations
Dusty Devoe & My mother
Nanny & Buba (my Grandmother)
Pony girl & Paint Girl

Buba & Papa
My grandparents
Jan 1, 1986
March 20 2007
I miss you Papa and Buba.
Papa always called us "Prunies"
We always opened our presents on Christmas Eve.
Buba was a bartender at the Eagles, and they served
Tom & Jerry's at Christmas.
So three little girls waited patiently for them to arrive
so we could open our presents!
Those we love don't go away,
They walk beside us everyday.
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still loved, still missed, and very dear.
"Merry Christmas My Angels"
dusty devoe


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Wow that is a lot of loss during the holiday season...What a beautiful tribute to them all!! Your words brought tears to my eyes and heart!

Desert Rose said...

Holidays have not been to kind to us when it comes to losing loved ones. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years...all now bittersweet.
Love your tributes to our loved ones.

Leah Fry said...

What a loving tribute.

Paula said...

I lost my daddy on January 2, 1988. He was in the hospital all through Christmas and my life was falling apart at that time. I agree with Desert Rose, as time goes by, it becomes bittersweet. I still cry though.

Beautiful tribute.


jane augenstein said...

What a beautiful tribute to your loved ones. I too lost family close to the holidays when I was a kid. My mom, my dad and my only grandparents all within a five year period. I miss them terribly!
hugs to you.....

fernvalley01 said...

Sorry you are sad, the memories of such wonderful people must fill your heart to overflowing.Hugs to you ,and thank you for sharing a bit of what wonderful treasures they are to you

Sydney said...

Those are some bittersweet memories. I love christmas grandparent memories. About 5 years ago I had both of my two remaining grandparents die. My mothers father whom I was named for and was particularly close to an my fathers mother. My mothers mother died when I was 2 but I remember the funeral vividly even down to the details of the purple lilacs painted on her coffin. My fathers, father died a few years before I was born. The memories are bittersweet but I will never forget them.

wilsonc said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Maery Rose said...

Lovely post. The holidays can sure be a mixture of sadness and joy - sadness over the people who are no longer with us and joy over the people who are.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

Cherish the memories you have of your loved ones at this time of year. They are there with you in spirit, no doubt.

Sares said...

What a sweet post to all our loved ones. Isn't it strange hoe they all seem to go around the holidays, although I've heard this isn't so uncommon when people pass to the other side. Love you Auntie!

Pony Girl said...

Holidays are wonderful, but can also be so tough, because it's when we miss our loved ones the most and wish they were with us. Touching post, I love the old pictures, and we should do something to remember these special people in our family around the holidays! xoxo

Paint Girl said...

It is always so hard during the holidays for us, we have many memories of our loved ones.
Loved all the pictures of each and every one of them!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful tribute to your loved ones. The holidays are such a mix of emotions for so many people, I imagine that feeling is even more intense for you. Hope you have a great holiday season and are able to memorialize your loved ones.

Cousin B said...

Wow, I loved this post...I can't belive how much Paint girl looks like Nanna Vi! I too lost my Mom on Dec. 1st. It is a tough time to lose someone. It makes the holidays a little more sentimental for each of us.