Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Copper Bit For The Copperpony

Awhile back I mentioned I wasn't motivated to
go to the stable and felt like I was my avoiding


why would I do this?
literally, my life revolves around HIM

You left some really great comments, and got me thinking
about what it is that is making me feel this way

I have a great passion for my horse

I love him with all my heart and soul

I know he is the right HORSE for me
I know he likes me, even loves me and trusts me

we are a partnership for life

Saturday I went to the stable to ride the Copperpony
I brought him in and groomed him
then decided to lunge him in the round pen
I have been free lunging

Dr. Tony worked with us so we could
do it right and safely

Dusty did really good
He listened and payed attention to me
He turns when I ask him to
stops when asked and faces me

So far the day was going good.

I have mentioned that my boy has issues with certain things
I have not told you about his taking the bit issue!

When I got Dusty, his previous owner rode him in
a hackamore because she had issues
So I did the same
I rode him in a Parelli hackamore

But my trainer at the stable felt I needed
to have more control and wanted me to be
safer when out on the trail
So about nine months ago we
started working with him and the bit

It has been a struggle off and on
Rarely does he take it without a challenge

I am taking the blame for a majority of this
I spend a lot of time with him
but not in the saddle

Saturday I could not get him to take the bit

his head was in the air
on the ground
it just was not going to happen

luckily his feet weren't moving

I cried in his shoulder
I was so frustrated

I fought with him for thirty minutes
then I let him win

I rode him in his hackamore
I know I made a big mistake in letting
him have his way

Sunday I went back out to the stable
talked to Doc AGAIN about my ongoing issue
We talked about using a copper bit
and Doc loaned me one to try

Now, does this look like a guy that would give
give his mother grief ?!?

Dr. Tony spent a lot of time with my COPPERPONY

He had a lot of PATIENCE with him

This is the second time Doc got him to take it
no struggle this time

We really praised him and told him what a GOOD BOY he was

Dusty really seems to like it once it is in his mouth

Cowboy and I went back out today

and met Doc to go through the whole

process again

Dusty did better today
the third time was good
the fourth perfect!!!

Now we are on a mission!
and I don't mean mission impossible!

We are going to go out everyday
work with him

I am hoping by the end of next week
will be begging for that copper bit!!!

THANK YOU again Dr. Tony for coming to the rescue
you are so appreciated!!!
I feel bad that I let this get out of hand
that I avoided riding because I wasn't in control
of the situation

I have made this commitment to myself and DUSTY

if it takes a month or two months

I will have the patience to help us to get through this


Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

You will get through this with Dusty! I am so glad you have help at the barn, Dr Tony is so good to help you and Dusty.
I know you will be out there everyday, working on this. You need to be on his copper back soon! Remember, we have our trip in less than 3 months!
I have set a goal for myself too, groundwork with Fritzy!
Good luck!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Wow that is very interesting!! And he sure was fighting that! I am glad that you have made this decision to get him through this. You'll have to let us know how he is doing after a few more times!!

Shirley said...

Perhaps he has a memory of trauma to his teeth from earlier attempts to bit him. Good job on being patient, Dr. Tony! You probably have had his teeth done, but now that he is wearing a bit, it's a good time to get them floated again so that there is no discomfort for him; wouldn't want to undo that good work!

Pony Girl said...

I think Dusty is a smart pony and knows he can avoid it. It's good you are going to do some consistent work, I think he'll get over it pretty quickly once he figures out he can't win. His teeth are fine so there is nothing physical bothering him. I also think he was probably never really ridden in a bit sounds like the family that owned him before the woman you bought him from also just used a hackamore, and before that he was in a neglectful home so who knows how he was originally trained, might have just been very basic. I think your boy is just very green in a bit. Glad you have some good help, but remember you eventually have to learn to do it yourself, too! ;) xo

Rebekah said...

Yay for COPPER PONY!! Bits aren't all that bad after all, huh? And yay for Copper Pony's Cowgirl for sticking with it and not giving up!! :)

Grey Horse Matters said...

It's good that he is finally accepting his bit. Hope he continues to cooperate.

Palomino Girl said...

Good job cousin! Bridling can be very tricky, and sometimes you need someone with longer arms and a little more strength - Dr. Tony! Dusty will still challenge you - so don't ever think this problem is completely solved. But over time, he may forget that he was able to win!

Ali said...

Way to go! I know you will get through it and you two will be out there riding together and having a blast soon!

LuLo Designs/Blue Eyed Tango said...

I agree with Shirley! All it takes is one time for someone to do a procedure wrong (not meaning you, perhaps neglectful or in a hurry previous owners) with a horse and they remember it for a life time! The good news is that they're so forgiving of us...once we show them we can be trusted by being consistent every time. My mare had issues when we first got her with being bridled....until I started doing it very slowly the same every time...Oh and heating the bit up with your hands in the winter too helps... being very careful/not clacking the teeth with it... we had to start from square one with the heads down cue .....I'm only 5'2", she knew she could just lift her head up and be out of reach. Then when she put her head down consistently, I put my whole arm and rested on top of her head between her ears so that my hand fell almost between her eyes....after she accepted that well, I took the halter off and did it all the same again with nothing. Soon I could just put the bridle in my hand resting on her head and gently with my other hand guide the bit while slightly pulling with the hand on her head...and carefully putting her ears where they belong not crunching them. She has no problems now and she was also head shy from a previous trainer's boyfriend hitting her right between the eyes with his fist as hard as he could...who knows exactly what went on there....we found all this out and pulled her out of that training facility immediately brought her home and she had to be tubed because of colic right away because she had hardly fed her and lied to us. If I so glad we got her through all that and now it's a breeze....and it will be for you too. Thanks for sharing your experience. Luanne

Sydney said...

I think dusty needs to try a bitless bridle too bad you don't live closer I loan them out for day trials.

Horses are never meant to wear bits. Some are so kind at taking them and never fussing, especially with beginners mistakes we all make. Like Indigo, she was great in a bit. Would take it every time and never fuss. Now she is bitless. I made a promise to her no bit will be in her mouth for the rest of her life. We are still showing and did do advanced, up to 3rd level dressage moves and even reining in this bridle. Others fight and show their true colours when the bit comes into the picture, like my pony. It took me months to get him to accept it. He still hates it, hes bitless most of the time but when showing does not allow.

If you wanna know any more you know where to find me ;)

Sares said...

I'm glad you are making such progress. I know how discouraged you were. You just go ahead and whip that pony into shape! He'll get the idea who's boss, eventually!!!

fernvalley01 said...

Way to go ! keep up the good work,there is no shame in stumbling as long as you keep trying .Wich you have done by asking for help. Sounds like this Dr Tony is a great hand at horses. So glad you have his help. Also try to remember "its not personal" Copper Pony is not doing this to annoy you , he is just having trouble understanding/accepting the bit. You will get it!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow. I'm impressed...and proud of you.
It's so awesome that you have great people to help you, too.

My mare takes her bit easy, but I'm kind of lazy and just like to use the Dr. Cook's Bitless Bridle. She rides well in it, but, like you mentioned, there is certainly less control.

I need to feel more comfortable slipping the bit in the mouth, and that only comes with practice. There is just something about that big ole mouth...and all those teeth...and that HUGE head that is a little bit daunting, eh?

Keep up the good work. You're right. Copper Pony is a good boy. At least he doesn't sit back or rear when bridling. :)