Saturday, May 2, 2009

Antique Plants

i have always loved to work in my yard
i am very lucky that cowboy likes to help
and has a green thumb!!!
i think he inherited the gift from his
mother and grandmother

they both had beautiful yards

we have some very special and cherished
plants inside and out!!!

this is a third generation plant from cowboys

it is called a BEAUTY BUSH

cowboy has taken starts off of the plants
everytime we move so we can have one

this Hydrangea was also grandma's
it was to big to take when we moved
so cowboy started one for our beach house

then he started another one when we moved

to our current home

this is an indoor plant
it is a Begonia

and a start off on my great grandmother's
it is approx 20Yrs old

it has struggled the last few years
and i was afraid we would loose it
but it is thriving now!!!

cowboy and i gave this to my grandparents
for Christmas about 32 Yrs ago

there was two of them in a macrame hanger
i made

when "Buba" passed away, i took one and gave my
niece Sares the other one, as she had taken care of them

this Philodendron is another treasure in our home
it belonged to cowboy's mother

this picture was taken about 33 Yrs ago
those two cute little girls are

are in the background

this is the plant today
it is about 55Yrs old

hopefully we will be able pass these
treasures on to our girls
one of these days and the


will keep on growing!!!

Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

I love that Philodendron! I remember that picture. I can't believe it has survived for so long! This is one thing I did not get from you, the green thumb!
It is amazing how long plants can survive with tender, loving care! I would love to have one of these someday!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGosh!!!! That is AMAZING!!! I don't think I have ever been so impressed!! What a wonderful gift you have!!

Sydney said...

Wow, thats crazy. I never knew plants lived for so long. Then again my mom has a complete amazon forest growing in the living room.

Desert Rose said...

How amazing that you have so many plants or starts from family members. What a legacy to pass on to your girls! I also have a start of our great grandmothers plant, although it really never has done to well it is still alive!

Mama H said...

Wow, it is an inspiration that you can keep plants alive for that long! I'm hoping and praying and double-crossing my (green?) thumbs that the roses we inherited when we bought our house will survive one year with us, let alone 55!

Sares said...

I love a good house plant. My plant from Buba is doing OK. I need to re-pot it. That big plant is a MONSTER! You better not downsize houses again or you may have to kick out the Cowboy to make room for the plant!

The Wife said...

Holy Moly! I can't keep a plant alive for a week much less 30+ years!! You have a gift.

Kritter Keeper said...

dad had a green thumb like your plants...ask cowboy how to get a new lilac started one from grammie's and it is huge and maybe 30 years old and when i tried to get one from his, i failed...miserably!

Pony Girl said...

Great post mom! I love the stories behind some of those plants, which I didn't even know. I guess they are kind of like trees. There is a great song by Rory & Joey, I think it's "The Heart of the Wood" or something, that reminds me of this. If only those plants could talk! You and dad have always had such great yards and flower gardens. I miss that. I was never interested in yard work. :) Maybe that will change when I have my own yard someday.....

Mary Olson said...

I can't believe the way you've kept these plants going. What a great thing to share and pass on.

Kellys said...

A coworker sent me your blog site knowing how much I love plants. I am quite in awe at the age of your plants. In looking at my own plants, I have several that are 20+years old but I hadn't really thought about it until now. God has truly blessed you and your husband with green thumbs, which makes you special in His book, as well as mine!! Thanks for sharing. pk

Shirley said...

Wow, you sure do have the green thumb! My husband has a Christmas Cactus that he got as a slip from one that was brought from the Dakotas by wagon train about a hundred years ago to the Edmonton area. Apparently the plant was huge when he last saw it in the 1980's; it filled a whole room in the basement. When the old fellow who had it died, Ted asked for a slip from it- his widow gave us the most sickly little plant I've ever seen. We gave it to a friend who managed to save its life, and now it is thriving.We've had it for 8 years, and it's only now starting to really grow.