Monday, October 5, 2009

Cowgirl Princess

Grammy Dusty Devoe had a visitor this weekend!
My sister, " A Cowgirls Grace"
so graciously shares her grandchildren with me.
Thank you! xoxo
The Cowgirl Princess spent the night with Grammy.
I love this!
She was playing on the computer
and put on my reading glasses!
She will be wearing her own glasses in the next few weeks.
Hers will be Pink !

She doesn't want to wear them.
She thinks people will think she is a NEWOD!
Now how can anyone think this little beauty is a NERD!

dusty devoe


Sares said...

Poor kid. Auntie feels her pain. Thank goodness I didn't have to wear glasses in school. She is so darned TUTE!

fernvalley01 said...

What a cutie , she will be adorable in her pink glasses . She looks way to sweet to be a nerd!

The Wife said...

I started wearing glasses in the 4th grade. Hated them. But now, girls buy them to look smart. I think she'll look precious in her pink glasses.

Desert Rose said...

Tell her that her new glasses will give her night vision when she rides her PONY on a full may lesson the pain!

Cousin B said...

What a cutie pa tootee! Glad you're enjoying them...I miss mine.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

She's adorable and a beauty!
I'm glad she stopped by to visit with you :)


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Your right on the money there!! She definitely couldn't look nerdy, she's WAY to adorable!! And I think the pink will suit her well!!

Mary Olson said...

Cute photos. Glad you enjoyed your visitor!

Faithful said...

I have wore glasses since I was 8 and I still do. The glasses now are soo cute..esp the PINK ones..mine are purple! She is so adorable...It is nice that you can share!