Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cows, Cows, More Cows!

I always love looking at the pictures some of you
post of your cows!
There is something so peaceful about them grazing,
or lying in the sun next to their mommas.
There is a cow pasture next to the stable.
Most of the time when I try to take photo's,
they get up and run away from me.
But not this day!!!

They seemed really curious about this woman with the camera.
What is she up to?

There are quite a few babies.
I love them!

This has to be a girl!

Isn't she the cutest thing?!?

Hey little baby!

Are you a boy or girl?

How precious you are sweet baby!
It will be fun this winter to watch them grow up.
Hopefully they will let the strange lady take more pictures!!!
dusty devoe


Sares said...

What fun pictures! Pony Girl will be so envious. She scares them!

Leah Fry said...

Maybe they run because they know what hamburgers are.

Mama H said...

OH, I love cows too! I have so many cow pictures because they graze cattle where we keep our horses. You know, if you stay in one place long enough, they will actually come up to you and lick you!

Desert Rose said...

Do you want to know how to tell the difference between a boy and a girl??? I probably would have had to clomb the fence to see!!!

The Wife said...

Aww, little Herefords. Glad they cooperated with your picture taken this time.

fernvalley01 said...

They look pretty young yet , must be a fall calving program .Cute pics

John and Regina Zdravich said...

They do have the sweetest looks on their faces. I like how the one cow is eating from the branches above her....Cool pictures..

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh I love me some calves!!! They are so cute!! I'm glad that they let you take pictures!!!

Mountain Woman of Red Pine Mountain said...

I love cows and can't wait to have some of my own hopefully in the spring. What fabulous pictures and I'll be looking forward to seeing more.