Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cowgirlz Inspiration

Live one day at a time. You've heard it before:
Don't contaminate today by corrupting it with
tomorrow's troubles...Today is challenge enough!
And since you will need fresh energy and new
insight to handle what tomorrow throws at you,
wait until it dawns before taking it on. Some of the
things you do today may seem totally insignificant
so far as tomorrow is concerned, but stay at it.

Charles R. Swindoll

dusty devoe


Jocelyn said...

So true, today is a gift, must appreciate the moment we are in.

Desert Rose said...

hard to do sometimes...but I try!

K. T. Sparks said...

Very good wisdom, I tried to do that when I was so sick and still do on bad days, but your are right Desert Rose, it is hard to do.

Shelly's Stuff Jewelry said...

Thanks for the reminder!

Sares said...

Easier said than done right?! Love you!

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Mama H said...

Definitely something I needed to hear right now. With so much to do, I worry too much about when to do it, instead of focusing on one task at a time and just doing it! Thank you!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

True, so very true... Definitely need to hear that!! Thank you!