Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I have received the "Honest Scrap Award"

from Pony Cousins

Palomino Girl at "Life On The Farm"
Saddle Mountain Rider from "Middle Of The Road"

Thank you!!!

I am honored and humbled to receive the prestigious award

Who is this c0pperponyscowgirl ?

10 honest things about me

1) i am an identical / mirror image twin
mirror image twins have small mirror image
differences that are actually genetically identical;

this means we have the exact DNA.

A Cowgirls Grace is my twin

2) i wish I was a vegetarian

3) i married the love of my life...

We lived across the street from each other when
we were small. My parents moved to the country
when I started kindergarden. Years later Cowboy's
parents moved across the street again! He was in the
Army at the time, and when he got out we
started dating. We will celebrate our
39 th Anniversary in September!!!

4) my favorite color is "pink" ...

5) i love mayonnaise, seafood, chocolate,
old books, roses,

black and white movies

animals of all kind


6) i dream of living on a ranch...

"The Lazy Triple J"

named by jessesdesertrose for the SISSY'S

our first name's all start with a "J"

this is the Sissy's dream...

i envision drinking coffee on the porch with Cowboy

and watching my copper pony

DUSTY, graze
in my house I see

cowhide rugs on wood plank floors

crystal chandelier's

antlers and western decor

stone fireplaces and scented candles burning

contemporary leather furniture

animals and grandchildren

yes, I can see myself growing old at the ranch!!!

7) family is everything to me...


8) i love spending time in my home...
it is my Sanctuary, my safe place

i love crawling into bed at night, snuggling

with Lily, Rosie, Boggie, and COWBOY!

9) i wanted more children

10) my biggest fear has become my greatest PASSION...

my beloved "DUSTY"

Now, I am supposed to select 7 bloggs I admire.

I am passing this award on to all of you who read


I admire you all for your words of wisdom, wit, and laughter

you give me.

I feel your joy, sorrow, and share your tears.

You are my friends...

god bless you...

Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

I never knew you wanted more children! And you love mayo? ick.
Congratulations on your award!

Sares said...

It's fun to find out some of these things about my Auntie I didn't know.Poor Pony Girl, didn't she know she could have been on of 14 kids,hee-hee!!!

Pony Girl said...

Sweet post! I loved the decor of the dream ranch. I had to laugh at the mayo comment too, 'cuz neither Paint Girl or I like it, LOL! :) I'm not surprised you wanted more kids, since you kidnapped all of the local cousins and claimed them as your grandchildren!
p.s. Does the mirror twin explain why you are right handed and auntie is left-handed?

Dusty Devoe said...

Yes, mirror image twins are r/l handed!

Andrea said...

Congrats on your award!! I love this one!! It's so much fun!! I would love to live on a ranch. To work cattle, have an old rustic log cabin and have a barn full of cow ponies. Sigh.........

Desert Rose said...

The Lazy Tripple J sounded better than the Smart, Good Looking,Rich J and her 2 lazy J Sisters Ranch!!!
I'll work on the ranch, PONY and PAINT girls need to wotk on the grand Kids!