Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tail Flagging

pony girl posted today about "my boy's" tail flagging

"copper pony" did the same thing yesterday during his playtime

now what are the odds of both guys doing this!?!

this is something i have never seen him do before

i was told dusty has some morgan in him

is this a characteristic of morgans?

maybe it is because spring is in the air

they are anxious for those warm, sunny days!

i know i am sooo ready!!!

Dusty Devoe


Cactus Jack Splash said...

I think all horses do tail flagging when excitied enough. One of my appys will get his tail straight up in the air.

cowgirljlynn said...

That looks pretty neat for Dusty to do that!

Pony Girl said...

He was really cruisin! Thought he might run into the wall at that one part (at least he spread the dirt that gets banked around there, LOL! :)

Broken Y said...

I have two horses that really get the flag going - and then they will blow real hard out there noses and prance in a circle.

I think it is a "freedom" thing!

Thank you for the comments! My sister has been so blessed~


Train Wreck said...

Thank you for your kind thoughtful words. It made my heart warm. I love your video, I love when horses cary their tail high. I think it means they feel good. Your copper pony looks like he is ready to be running outside in the warmth. I can't wait either.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

I agree with everyone Dusty is having fun!!! It's so great when they get to doing that!!

Sydney said...

All horses do it. My pony rarely does but I caught him a couple months ago after having him for almost 5 years. Not much makes him put his tail up and snort for more than a couple seconds. Now if only he was a horse he would have made one hell of a trail horse at 3 years old.