Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Peaceful Endings

we have an old cemetery in our backyard
there are many beautiful old grave sites here

if we only knew their story's, their hopes and dreams

this cross is my favorite
it looks like it is made out of stones
i love how time has aged it with
patina and moss
the picture doesn't really show how
statuesque this is

this is a child's grave
the lamb is precious

this belongs to a young girl

what could have happened to her...
she lived such a short life

i find it very peaceful here

i know that may seem strange to some of you

but i read the names and try to imagine...

the kind of life they lived

happy times, sad times

hoping they all knew what it meant

to love and be loved

i have decided to adopt several of these grave sites
and put flowers on them through out the year

i am drawn to the crosses

this is a beautiful granite stone

Dorothy Sturgess
she lived to be 81 yrs old

wonderful detail

we have a family cemetery in the little
town where my dad grew up

it sits up on a hill

it is beautiful

ever since i was a little girl...i knew i wanted it to be

my final resting place

Dusty Devoe


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I enjoy walking among the gravestones in very old cemeteries, too. It's so peaceful and a little sad, too. Especially for the little children who died so early.

The sweet little bear. Awww...


City girl turned Country Girl said...

First I must say I love the song "Bring The Rain" I hadn't heard that one yet, but I loved it!! Oh I so agree with you on the big stone cross, that is beautiful!! I think your idea of "adopting" some of the grave sites is fantastic!! I try to keep good looking flowers at my dad's grave but never fails the sun will have them bleached in no time..

Sydney said...

I used to hang out in the cemetary near my house all the time. It's so quiet and right on the lake. Theres some really, really old graves there and some historic ones as well.

My favorite graveyard for it's stories is the graveyard in Cassadaga, Florida. I sat in the devils chair once.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

I think a lot of people find peace visiting old cemeteries. Cle Elum has a wonderful old cemetery, I visit it when I have time.

Melanie said...

Hey...I don't think it's weird at all!!! It is fun to wonder about who those people were when they were alive, and to pay their graves a little respect. :)

John and Regina Zdravich said...

There are some beautiful markers there...no wonder you enjoy going there. It is interesting to look through old gravesites. We have an old Polish cemetary behind the Catholic church near our house. Some of the stones are written in Polish, and a lot of them are really old. In North Carolina where my father is from (Smokey Mountains) there are several family cemetaries up on the hills. We always go visit the relatives resting there. I have a cool photo of my great-grandfather's grave -- he was born 100 years before me.

Sares said...

Alright Auntie,
First you take the cemetary, then you take the crosses I was going to do, stop being so darned quick! I guess great minds think alike. Alot. I'll just have to dibs the back part!!! Love Ya anyway ya little stinker!

Desert Rose said...

There are some really old headstones in there! The Rosebud's Grandma S is burried in that cemetary.

Pony Girl said...

You very well could be related to some of those people!?
As long as it's a sunny day, I don't mind walking in cemeteries (otherwise, they are a bit spooky!) I really like looking at the names, especially of people from the late early 1900's.
Fun idea to adopt a few....some flowers might brighten them up!

cowgirljlynn said...

WE will have to see is we can find the Rosebuds Grandma's resting place. I didn't know she was there.

K. T. Sparks said...

I love old cemeteries and think of all the people there myself. When I married my husband he thought I had an unusual habit....but I never thought of it as weird....he said "they weren't cemetery people" (meaning his family) and it cracked me up! I got started decorating our family graves as a kid, but I do family history and cemeterys are just a part of searching out your past so it did not seem too unusual to me..... I always wanted to go take photographs in an old Paris cemetery sometime or maybe New Orleans! (We could go together since we are cemetery people! )

Mary Olson said...

Don't think it's strange at all looking for stories in gravestones or in the faces you see on the street too. I just went to my uncle's funeral today and found out things about him I hadn't known. There's often so much more to people than what we see on the surface. I love hearing those stories. I guess that's why I like reading blogs so much.