Monday, January 4, 2010

Paint Girl's Call In Life

One of the highlights of our Christmas
was going to the stable where
"Paint Girl" works
We got to watch her turn out some of the horses and
see them free play in the arena.

Hey cutie pie, come out and see me!

Don't be afraid, I won't hurt you.


You are my favorite!

They are so beautiful.

Pony Girl did a post on photographing other people's horses.
I am like her, I am drawn to taking pictures
of their eyes and faces.

This is Pony Girl's Favorite.

Look at these big brown eyes
The refined, chiseled face.
So photogenic.
I want your eyelashes!
What a beauty!!!
I was so impressed with Paint Girl working with
these graceful, high energy horses.
She is finally doing something
she is so passionate about and loves.
I am so proud and happy for my girl!
dusty devoe


jrosey said...

So awesome that that gig worked out for her...totally perfect! Those horses are just GORGEOUS! What a wonderful experience.

fernvalley01 said...

She sure seems to love her new job! and from the pictures I hace seen of her working horses , she is a pretty competent gal ! I guess you are a proud momma!

Mama H said...

She has her hands full, that's for sure! I used to live at an Arabian Horse barn (I was on feed crew) and man alive are they high strung! But I agree with you, they are absolutely beautiful. And their babies are the cutest babies in the world! Congrats to her for putting up with them; I couldn't hardly take it!

Sydney said...

What a fun job though I would feel bad for the horses working there like she does. It's like prison, in a stall no other horse contact and only allowed to go out and play for an hour or less every day.

Desert Rose said...

Every door closed soon opens a new one! She is so lucky that this worked out for her.

Paint Girl said...

Great pictures mom!
Yes, I knew if I found a job working with animals I would finally be happy. What's even better is that I found a job working with horses, I love it. It is very hard, physical work, but that is just fine with me! They each have their own personalities, and it is a joy getting up and going to work now!!

Cousin B said...

Nice pictures Dusty D! Must run in the family for sure...I'm sure that was a great day for all of you.

Pony Girl said...

That was a fun day! :) There were so many nice horses. It's funny how we all picked a "favorite", eh?

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Beautiful photos. It must make you feel so happy that Paint Girl is doing what she loves finally. :)


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Great pictures!!! I too think it is SO great that Paint Girl gets to be a part of something she loves and get paid for it!! I'm really glad you all got to see everything over the holidays!!

Shirley said...

Working at a job you love is a great blessing. I worked at a reining horse barn for a while, and loved getting to know the personalities of the horses.

Ali said...

I am so happy she gets to do what she loves and get paid for it! Those are great shots, I just love taking pics of the face & eyes too, no matter how "cliche" it might be ;-)

Michelle said...

It's so great that you all got to see her in her element. She certainly seems to be happy and enjoying her new job!

K. T. Sparks said...

Arabians have a look in the eye no other has. Beautiful horses

Paint Girl said...

I forgot to tell you, your favorite horse you posted, is the little colt that reared up and struck out at my face that day you guys came to visit! He is a STINKER!!! Beautiful, but he needs some manners!

Sares said...

Horses eyes are just so beautiful. It must have been so much fun for you to visit the barn. I bet it's WAAAAY nicer that yours! Bet board it WAAAAY more too!

Mountain Woman said...

That is wonderful! The photographs were so adorable. You must have had so much fun.