Friday, January 15, 2010

Winter Sunset

Today it rained most of the day.
Tonight we had the most beautiful sunset!

Cowboy and I went to the stable to let
Dusty free play in the arena today.
I took his blanket off of him and he
rolled and rolled and ROLLED!!!
He turned into a mud pie!
He was a mess.
I had to wet a towel and clean him up.
When I first got him, I could not touch his face.
He really hated me to use a towel.
Today he was a really good boy.
I think he even liked it!!!
I look like I am scolding him, but I' not!!!
My copper pony is such a serious guy most of the time.
I want so much for him to just enjoy himself.
I learned something today.
He is a different horse when he is not in the
cross ties while being groomed.
This is the second time I have
groomed him in the arena this week.
He stood still.
His showed his personality!
He wasn't tense, with his head held high.
He was relaxed.
He wasn't afraid of what was going on.
I am lovin' what I saw today.
I want him to have fun.
I want him to be playful
Not take life so serious.
I want him to enjoy the time we have together.
I am going to start doing more ground work with him.
We will have play dates!

This was taken last winter.
I hope we get some snow this year.

Saddle Mountain Rider and Dusty Devoe
I am in need of a Pony Cousin fix!

Pony Girl made this for Dusty's stall door

Isn't she a cutie!
I wish she was mine.

Best Friends!
Dusty and King
Prayers for Haiti.
dusty devoe


Paint Girl said...

Dusty is so cute!! Love the video of Dusty and the King!! They are becoming good friends!!
Beautiful sunset, I sorta saw it tonight, wish I had my camera!

Desert Rose said...

That's so funny...I did not realize it was a video until I saw PONY GIRL"S comments! I rushed back to see the boys together! King was ready to crawl all over Dusty...King is a bit more agressive of the 2, I think. Of course King has traveled the world and Dusty is his new country cousin!

Desert Rose said...

Oops...I meant PAINT GIRL!!!

cdncowgirl said...

Just a thought, maybe Dusty was less tense in the arena because he feels a tad claustrophobic in the cross ties?

Pony Girl said...

Interesting about the grooming in the arena! I wonder if being in the barn isles makes him feel claustrophobic or something? This might make sense with his lack of love for the horse trailer, too. Anyway, I am glad you are learning new things about your horse! We always are. Hopefully My Boy gets his hooves done tomorrow. I haven't seen him in a while since I've been sick. I hope he's happy to see me!
Miss ya and wish it'd snow, too!!!!

Anonymous said...

In the video, Dustbuster squealed like a mare! teehee! But he didnt want to go away from King's advances - he liked it! YARMF

Leah Fry said...

A lot of what I call progress has happened during grooming sessions. Jaz was funny like that about his face and now they both love having their faces washed, especially their eyes and nostrils.

Great stuff!

cowgirljlynn said...

That's really funny, I was just thinking the other day that I was ready for a pony cousin fix!! We might just have to get working on that!!

jrosey said...

Wasn't that sunset a sight for sore eyes?! I couldn't believe it when the rain let up and then we were treated to that gorgeous display. Just what the Dr. ordered! :)

Shirley said...

Some horses just don't like crossties; I like to teach my youngsters to ground tie when I'm grooming them. I just lay the lead rope on the ground where I can step on it if they try to move away, and since they like being groomed, they soon learn to relax and stand still.

jennybean79 said...

Dusty is so cute. He actually looks a little bit like my mom's mare. Only, he's much more manly :).

Kady said...

Your copper pony is gorgeous! Love your blog and the little pony curser is so cute!