Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Walk

Today I felt the need to go for a walk.
It was a beautiful cloudy day.

I love the quiet things;
Smooth waters, plow-turned sod,
Sun warmness, cool moons,
And the still small voice of God.

My niece and I strolled through the cemetery.
This star was on a tree top.


Twilight swings open
Night's gate, letting stars shine through
Street lamps of Heaven.

Shadowed Patterns

Shadowed patterns reach,
Across the greening grass,
In blue-sky promises,
That brings a robin to pass.

Snowdrops dare to push,
Head-first into spring,
The robin and my heart,
Lift wings and sing and sing.

Love the moss!

This cross is my favorite.
It is dated
Feb 16 1848
Aug 25 1920
By The Hand

My God shall take them by the hand,
And lead them through death's valley-land,
He will dry their tears and hush their sighs,
And it will come as no surprise,
That when they reach Forever-land,
My God still has them by the hand.

The death of saints is precious in His eyes,
He will guide them each to Paradise;
Against these, death makes a futile stand,
For they are resting in God's hand.

My iris's are coming up.

Hyacinth in my parents yard.
I planted these from a flower basket from my
Grandmother's funeral almost 3 yrs ago.

There are two stones with names
on them in my
my parents flower bed.

I will make sure they will always have a special place.

My bird bath.

Things in my yard.

I am anxious for spring.
First I want it to snow, snow, SNOW!!!
First Remembered Snowfall
In wintertime when we were small
And snow fell soft as fleece,
Our mother's voice would call,
"See, Granny is plucking her geese!"
Cold leaden skies put us to bed,
But sometimes in the night.
Gran's feather bed was spread,
Blue canopied a world of white.
When morning woke us like a clock,
Our wonder grew at the sight,
Down feathers from Gran's flock
Lay in a carpet soft and light.

The poems in this post are by my aunt.
Virginia Stiltner Wheeler
They are published in a poetry book called Silent Songs.
dusty devoe


Desert Rose said...

very Loveley...sounds like you had a day of reflection. I did not know that those stones on Mom & dad's yeard had names on them. Maybe they were never placed for some reason. My girlfriends father worked for a stone cutter and sometimes stones were rejected for somereason or another???

RiverBend Farm said...

Very interesting post. Your walk sounded like it was very therapeutic. Maybe I need to grab a jacket and start walking.

Michelle said...

Great photos. Very interesting.

Autumn Mist said...

Beautiful. It gave me things to ponder.

Pony Girl said...

I love the old cross. Glad you got out and walked (between the rainstorms, no doubt!) I can't believe the irises are coming up! They'd better go back down, because it's going to freeze and snow again! I am going to will it! ;) Thanks for sharing the poems. Would like a copy of that book. xo

Sydney said...

That is a really cool cross.

You honestly have green things right now? Or were these pictures taken back a wile ago. Pretty. I want to see green again.

fernvalley01 said...

Beautiful post! lovely pictures and the poetry is so moving

Mama H said...

So Beautiful. The poems are fabulous. You have such a talented family! I feel the same way as you, can't wait for spring, but first I want it to rain rain rain!

Maery Rose said...

Thanks for sharing the poems. What a family treasure.

Dusty Devoe said...

Sydney, Yes we do have alot of green around here this time of year. We have really not had that much cold weather yet.

Sares said...

Love the tree with the ferns. I got a good walk in yesterday, it was fun. I walked today and the crows were flying around and then parked their butts in the same old spot. They like that wire!

Kritter Keeper said...

wow, you have iris already?? love the moss too. i need to walk more too...inspiring!!!