Tuesday, April 14, 2009


For some reason we always

have nick-names for our


you ALL know this guy

HIS name is DUSTY

my Stardust


known as copperpony

on his funny days
he's the silly boy!!!


he's my buddy

here's Boggie aka Bogster
big boy

cowgirl Rosie
sweetie girl

popo and poppie


lily bug

Miss piggy!!!

i know, silly aren't we!!!

do you have nicknames for your babies?!?

Dusty Devoe


John and Regina Zdravich said...

You have some beautiful animals!! And no, you are not silly for the nicknames...we have them for ours. John usually comes up with a "pig" theme or some version of "smell" or "stink" for the cats. Simo is "Stink Dick" or "Simo Stinkovich" and Sonya is "Stinkerbell"......I call Simo my "handsome guy" or "my little buddy" and Sonja is "fat girl"....

The Wife said...

Oh course I do! But for some reason, mine have to rhyme. For example, Harley is Harley Barley, Zena is Zena Beana. Or they are just silly, i.e. Stubby is Stubb-a-doo, Pepper is Pepper Ann...you get the point. I can't just have one name for anything. I'm a weirdo.

Pony Girl said...

Cute post! Don't forget "Curious George" for Dusty! ;)
Obviously, "My Boy" is a nickname for my horse. I also call him the spotted pill, stinker, and a goober. Maybe that is why he won't let me catch him? Not the nicest names, lol! I probably have a few others I can't think of right now! xo

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! You've got some fun nicknames for your critter family.

For my Baby Doll, I just call her Dolly, Baby, or My Girl. For our GSD, Zuni, we call her Zunes, or Zuni Boonie.


Ishtar said...

Hi there Dusty! Just dropped in from Pony Girl's. Wow, what an amazing family, and so many of you blogging too! Over here in West Africa, we have lots of nicknames on our pets too. My mom was always into "doubling" their names, so our baboon male Rez (now age 23) was Ressidessy, his wife Wendypendy (Wendy), their first daughter Fussywuzzy, their son Nolldus Trolldus etc. When we had our first dog litter in 2001, the dogs had lots of names, Aslan becoming Asseldassel and her Baghera becoming "Baggisen". Today, I have Sheba, a Rhodesian ridgeback. She goes by more names than all of the above! Shebisen, Shebis-Bebis, Ullegull, the list is long...

Desert Rose said...

Ya...I use piggy and pigglet for all my "girls" Little Lady even snorts like a pig when she sees her treat bucket!
Oliver is Holly, AHOO ( Max's baby name for him) Ahvever (Toby's baby name for him)
I call Jesse by his full name ( includes our last name) and Boo Boo! Mr. Smarty pants when he runs by in the arena!!!LOL

smrp said...

What a beautiful crew you have! I love all of them! And they have perfectly silly names :)

Most of our animals have full names (like Bear Mortimer Guppie, Sr. Esquire-at-Large, and Jessica Eleanor Guppie, Jr. Jr.). I mean...how on earth can a critter just have one name, right? :)

Tell us more about Curious George! He is stunning! I love copper ponies!!