Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stinky Boys bath

in my post a few days ago i showed this picture
of Dusty and the dreaded
now COPPERPONY doesn't think He
likes or needs FLY SPRAY!
i don't think it's the wetness of the spray
as much as it is the spraying sound
he is afraid of
Dr. Tony says he LIES all the time!
Dusty puts up a FUSS with a lot
of things
but gives up when the persistent
Doctor doesn't give in!!!
we are going to use this on Dusty tomorrow
as i want to give him some relief
i will continue to work with water in the sprayer
has anyone tried this and how effective is it?
DOC and Dusty having a little PRAYER meeting!!!
today was bath time for my STINKY

and did he ever stink!!!

cowboy was my photographer today!

shiny hiney!

today was a BEAUTIFUL sunny day!

all gussied up!!!


now that's not so bad is it!
Doc has a lot of patience with him...
Dusty has his moments, things scare him,
but by staying calm and talking to him
you can get him through it.
smells pretty!

Dusty Devoe


Sares said...

Sometimes I wish I could have an outdoor bath/shower. it would be so neat, if it was very private of course! I have a surprise for you in my treasure chest on my blog, come and see!

The Wife said...

He did well after a little hissy fit. I throw those myself sometimes!

fernvalley01 said...

Not too bad , after he settled down ,he probably enjoyed it. Though I love "horsey smell"

John and Regina Zdravich said...

He ended up doing pretty well. But I think you are right -- it is probably more the sound than the water itself, and it could be the hose/nozzle combo. Also, I was intrigued by the Bio-Spot for horses! I have never seen that...I have seen a version of it for cats, but not horses. Let us know if it works. The bugs here are horrendous, and if it works I will want to try it.
My mare (Divna) used to freak out about EVERYTHING. Then a trainer was over to work with John's mare (Zora) and he did something with her that made a HUGE difference. He took a plastic bag from the grocery store and tied it to the end of a longe line crop (I suppose a long stick would work also). He then held her on a lead rope and gently moved the crop/bag towards her. She would freak, he would back off, then try again. Soon he was rubbing the bag all over her legs, shoulders, head, back, rear, everything -- backing off as she became nervous and then trying again. It really helped. She is much calmer now, and I can approach her with things (like the water hose) without as much "trauma" -- maybe give it a try on your guy there....

C-ingspots said...

I think the doc's got the power of attitude working for him in his favor...I'll bet that felt wonderful after the stinker decided to behave. Last weekend weather was perfect!!
I agree with Sares about the outdoor shower...nice!

Pony Girl said...

Glad your pony got cleaned up! ;) It must have been nice to have that super warm weather to do it in!

cdncowgirl said...

I'd keep working with water in a spray bottle. Applejack was a bit of an ApplejackASS about spraying when we first got him. I was persistant and now he's fine.

You are quite fortunate to be a newbie and have a BO who is both willing to help AND knowledgable!

cdncowgirl said...

ps - let us know how that spot stuff works!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! What a stinker. At least he calmed down easily. And he sure does clean up good!

I had to put my sunglasses on, he was THAT shiny! lol!


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Yes he cleans up well!! He sure is shiny!! About the water bottle, what I have always done when I have one resist is hold them with the lead rope and you slightly to his side and start spraying at the feet if he moves you move with him. In between moves give him a second to clam down, and then spray again. You may move full circles 20 times everytime you do it but eventually he should give become accustomed to the noise and sudden spray... Good luck!!

Mary Olson said...

So does the Equispot work? I'd just love to find something that works on gnats. My horses are hiding from them in their run-in already.