Monday, April 6, 2009

Random Photo's

Dusty Devoe had a busy WEEKend!
Cowgirl PRINCESS came to Visit

cowboy and i let


graze on this BEAutiful day!

cowboy & copperpony

silly boys!

pirate princess

a few posts back i mentioned i was
going to adopt a grave site in the
old cemetery close by...
cowgirls grace and i took the
girls to help us pick one .

they both picked girls

the man cub
brother of pirate princess ...
he got to go for a walk with us
isn't he just the CuTEst thing!
we went to the park to play,



two girls having sooo much fun

Dusty Devoe aka grammy & cowgirl princess

rosie & cowgirl princess

we had blackberry sage tea


i love this picture
cowgirls grace & dusty devoe

think these are the two cutest

girls ever!!!
dusty devoe & cowgirl princess chose
this grave site

cowgirl princess and boggie

peek a boo
i seeee
cowboy made his two

PRINCESS girls a playhouse

dusty devoe's new office chair
boggie's napping

i am revamping my blog space and
will keep you posted
lily bug keeps GLAring at it!
found this cute little bird nest
at the dollar store

another dollar store score!!!
the animal & zebra decorator balls


WHat a WeeKEnd

Dusty Devoe


cdncowgirl said...

Wow your grass is so thick and green already! It looks more like mid-summer than spring.

Sares said...

I'm sure you are tired. You could have rested today if the Cowboy hadn't been such a taskmaster and MADE you tear out rhodies with your BARE HANDS!!! What a guy!

Paint Girl said...

I love that first picture of dad! The look on his face cracks me up! I am sure cowgirl princess had so much fun! Oh we can't forget that pirate princess!
It was beautiful today wasn't it! My face is sunburnt. Ouch. Nothing like the first sunburn of the year!

Pony Girl said...

You did have a busy weekend! Looks like fun, though. Next weekend should be busy for you, too! I wonder why?! ;) xo

Desert Rose said...

Wow can you be tired with one cowgirl visisitng you???? You need to have my "cowpokes" there to really make you tired!!!
Glad you had a great weekend!!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Looks like you had a blast!!! I'm glad you got the visit!!!

Leah Fry said...

I always find it ironic that I have to go back to work to get some rest after the weekends.

Sydney said...

D: ugh I want your grass! It snowed here ALL DAY YESTERDAY!! Nothing really stuck it was mostly just slushy but what the heck!

xoxo~ Meg said...

Wow...that grass is amazing!
So glad you got to spend time with your beautiful granddaughter...aren't grandbabies the best?

I want to add, grammy, you are looking fabulous!

Have a beautiful rest of the week!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

GREAT pictures! You have a nice life!

Mary Olson said...

What a bunch of good lookin people! Bet you are tired but happy.

Anonymous said...

You and the Cowboy look so happy to have kids around. But i know how it wears you out. My Gracie helped me pick up some hay yesterday - i think she is going to be very good little helper.