Friday, April 17, 2009


this tree was beautiful in the sunshine today!!!

Cowboy in front of the Veteran's Medical Building...
today was a big day for him
he got his new hearing aids
now one would think this is not a big deal right?
there are a lot of issues when you first start wearing them...
first one is you can hear, and i mean hear!!!
sounds that you haven't heard in years
where are they coming from?
what is it?
the audioaligist fits the aids in your ears
they are connected to a computer that adjusts them
according to your hearing loss
cowboy listened to these words over, and over, and over
a carrot is a long, reddish, yellow vegetable
which has several leaves on a long stem
that belongs to the parsley family...
carrots are grown all over the world
in gardens and wild fields!!! hee hee
there must be some significance in this phrase
my cowboy has tinnitus in both ears (constant ringing)
can't hear high pitches
and can't hear out of one ear at all
he has to faithfully wear them 8 to 10 hrs a day
it will take several months to get used to them
eventually a lot of the background noise will go away
once you get used to hearing again
it will be very frustrating
a lot of people don't give them a chance
it will be a challenge
two of the most common complaints
when first wearing your new aids
everything is to loud
and your own voice is to loud
immediately i noticed Cowboy was
talking quieter
the volume on the tv used to be set
at 50, now it's on 20
everything is
clothes in the dryer are irritating
blinds banging on the door when being
opened and closed
dishes being washed
the list goes on...
not only is
this is a big commitment
for MY Cowboy
but for me as well, as i need to understand
what he is going through
it isn't going to be easy
it will take a lot of patience from both of us
but with perseverance and a lot of love
we will succeed!!!

we had to participate in a fire drill while there!!! lol

My niece Sare's, from loveliegh treasures
stopped in tonight with the lil' man cub to see
for some reason he was being shy
and hiding behind his Auntie Sare's

peek-a boo

Cowgirl Rosie was in bed at 6:30

she was tired from her busy day!!!

Dusty Devoe


Desert Rose said...

OHHHHHH I am so glad that your cowboy will be able to hear the world again! I know he will "cowboythefuckup" and just do it!!!
Rosie looks soooo comfy! Nighty nigh Rosie!!!

cowgirljlynn said...

Now you will have to be careful what you say about your cowboy so he doesn't hear!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Yes, patience will be in order. I'll bet that there are times he will miss being able to say "Oh...I didn't hear that" and there will be times when you will miss being able to say things you know won't be heard!! However, in the long run it will be better for him, so may God grant him patience and strength to get thru the process.............

Shirley said...

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Pony Girl said...

Good news for Papa! I didn't know it was so complicated, but it makes sense. I know you guys will stick it out, that has been your motto these days!! :) Keep us posted on how it goes! xo

cdncowgirl said...

My brother and I were not so nice to my mom when she first got her hearing aids a year or so ago.
We sat across from each other and just mouthed words at her and each other. When she started to freak out that they weren't working we laughed.
And got called a few names (brat is always one of the first)

Paint Girl said...

Yeah! Dad will be able to hear again! I hope you guys adjust well to it. Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

It makes me happy to think that he will be able to hear so much better. It will be a difficult adjustment for both of you, but i know you can do it.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

I too know the pain of wearing hearing aids. I was born with a 50% hearing loss in both ears and they tried to make me wear hearing aids when I was younger but I refused to for all of the reason you Cowboy is... I am comfortable not hearing "all of the normal" things... I hope it helps him with the tinninitus...

JAN'S PLACE said...

love the story on hearing aids..I also have hearing issues, and tinnitus..what a royal noise ringing pain in the ...!

I had Tamis at A day in the Life check my blog, she said all ok on her end, are you on the same computer you usually use? I have had the funny symbols thing happen once in a while from my work computer..thanks for telling me, that was 2 on one post.. weird huh?

Jan :)