Sunday, April 26, 2009

A New Week

I can't believe another week has ended...
time is just going by way to fast.
Have some updates for you.
Cowboys doing well with his hearing aids.
He is on his 10Th day.
He is being a good boy and wearing them
everyday! He is amazed at all the sounds
he has been missing all these years!
Birds singing! He has even forgotten what some
things sounded like! Today they talked to him
and told him he needed new batteries!!!
We put the equi-spot on Dusty. It was
challenging! The Copperpony was a BIG Pill!
But Doc preservered and go it on him. A big thanks
again! Hoping the sun will be shining tomorrow
and I can see how it really works.
Dusty is wearing his fly mask and sheet now.
I am going to ride tomorrow in the arena. I need
to get my boy back into shape for his BIG trip
coming up in August! Will post about that later.
I got to spent some time with some of my
wonderful PONY COUSINS this weekend.
I have received some awards from my blogging
friends, and will talk about those is the next few days.

One of my daily devotionals for today...

i am glad that in the springtime
of life there were those who
planted flowers of love in my heart

Robert Louis Stevenson

a nice way to end my day!!!


Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

Sounds like you are feeling the weather! Feelin' a little frisky?
I am glad dad is wearing his hearing aids faithfully! When I talked to him on his birthday he heard everything I was saying! Yeah!
I am also looking forward to our trip in August, it sucks we have to wait a whole year to do this!
Where do you have to put the spot on at? I have never checked into it, my horses don't mind flyspray. Your copper pony must love flies to avoid anything that prevents them at all costs! LOL!

Ali said...

Oh, have fun getting your pony into shape for your trip, can't wait to hear about it!

Wanted to let you know I have given you another award check it out!

Desert Rose said...

Ya...she sounds "frisky" to me too! Cowboy better watch out!!! sounds like a busy weekend! Sorry to miss the Pony cousins...but we will be back in the PNW may 15th!

Pony Girl said...

Do you just pour the equi-spot on their withers or something? If so, why would he be a pill for that? Maybe you could do a post about how you apply and use it, it would be interesting since few people (including myself) have ever heard of or used it. ;)
Glad to hear the hearing aids are working well! xo

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Oh that is so great that the hearing aids are working for him!! Can't wait to catch up (I've been out of commission for a few days blah)!!

K. T. Sparks said...

I think the hard part of hearing aids is getting used to them and the extra noise you hear. My husband has hearing loss in one ear but won't get any unless the other one goes bad.......he likes it because he can't hear me.....!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dusty,
I like your blog, And Copperpony is beautiful! The equi-spot incident reminds me of one of my cats when I put flea meds on him--you'd think I was trying to kill him. LOL.

Heidi, Cowgirl Dreams