Monday, June 1, 2009


I have a new girl to ride!!!
Her name is "ROCKET."
She promises she won't have an attitude,
won't buck me off,
she's an easy keeper, and the

not be jealous of her!

A few weeks ago I showed you some pictures of


she is my old, new ride!

Have you guessed what she is yet?

Here she is!
I had not ridden her in 38 Yrs!

She was sitting in the driveway when I came
home from school one day approximately
47 years ago!
I was in the 4Th or 5Th grade.
A Cowgirl's Grace and I both got one.
They were identical, just like us!
One was a little darker in color.
I can't tell you how many miles I have on her.
We rode our bikes everyday, everywhere.
We lived up on a hill, and there was a BIGGER hill to ride up.
We loved to coast down, with no hands on the handle bars!
I remember putting cards on the spokes with clothes pins
and loved hearing them flapping when riding!
She has the original tires on, one of the handlebar covers
is different, and I remember the seat being blue and white,
now it is black.
I had a pretty bad wreck on her a few weeks after I got her.
Our neighbor was sitting on the seat, and I was standing up
pedaling, and we were riding down a small hill,
we hit gravel on the shoulder and wrecked.
No helmets were worn back then.
I got a cut above my left eye, and had to have a few stitches.
I still have the scar.
Karen broke her arm.

"Rocket" got her first owies!
I was more worried about her than me!
I rode barefoot a lot and hated it when I stubbed my toe.
I will always wear shoes NOW!!!
I am trying to find some old pictures of us riding.
She pedals like she did when she was new!
Really smooth! She is really, really fast!!!

The first time I rode her again, I didn't want to get off!

I feel like a little girl!!!

I am having so much fun.

Don't worry COPPERPONY

my HEART still belongs to you!

My niece Sares, from LOVELEIGH TREASURE'S

Dusty Devoe

Pirate Princess

We ride in the beautiful cemetery behind our houses.

Sares is riding Jessesdesertrose's childhood bike.

We were naughty and stopped for an ICE-CREAM CONE!

Cowboy is so good to me!

He decided she needed washed!

He oiled her chains!

She had to have air in her tires!

I never called her "ROCKET" when I was a kid.

But seeing the name on her,

I decided she needed to called


Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

That is so cool, that you have the same bike, that you did as a kid! I know you will put it to good use.
Way to go Cowboy, for washing up Rocket!

Leah Fry said...

Definitely an easy keeper without an attitude! Have fun.

RiverBend Farm said...

That is definitely one of the most awesome posts that I've seen in a long time. How cool to have the bike that you had as a kid! Talk about going back in time...

The Wife said...

Love Rocket!

Kritter Keeper said...

i was worried at first...thought rocket might be a pony...such a neat bike. i need to get one for the farm. one time we were in middleburg, va (big time horsey country) and the good husband and i rode bikes...he did well but i almost wiped out on the gravel road around a bend! it was decades since i had ridden!

fernvalley01 said...

I used to llove bike riding , I tend to get spagetti legs now when I do it!

Sares said...

It is fun to ride the bikes! However, I hate that picture of me! Oh well, what can you do. P Princess looks cute. Have a sunshiny day!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great name for a bike anyway. I think it's amazing that you still have the same bike you had as a kid. I wish I still had mine, too. It was an old bike even when I was second-handed it, and the other kids teased me and called it "Model-T", but I had many happy summers spent tooling around on that old bike. I'm sure it would be an antique by now. sigh.

Sounds like Rocket has been good to you, but had bucked off your friend. hehe!

Have fun!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Wow! That takes me back! I had a bike like that one, but mine was pink and white. It is amazing you still have that bike after all these years! But back when we were kids, your bicycle was the most important possession you had, wasn't it? It was your key to the world! I remember doing all the stuff you talk about doing --riding down the hills with no hands, having two people on a bike, riding barefoot -- we did all that too!!! We were constantly on our bikes. My parents never knew where we were! I rode quite a bit as an adult, too, that is until we got horses!!

Desert Rose said...

Well the picture of Sares isn't so good...but my old "PINKY" bike so looks hot!!! Rocket has not aged as well as you!LOL

K. T. Sparks said...

How cool is that! I remember my old bicycle I had but sure don't remember what her name was! Mine was blue also and it was a flashy one with lots of was my first big one, I did have a small navy blue one when I was real little that I think my dad found at the dump and fixed up for me to learn on....I am sorry I did not appreciate having a bike from the dump........and that is why he bought me the fancy one next...I was spoiled....what can I say and I think I made him feel guilty.

Pony Girl said...

That is so cool you still have that bike (or obviously nana and pappy did!) I think you should re-paint her blue this summer....but metallic, glitter blue, so she shines a mile away! Bike riding is great exercise, too!! Can't wait to ride with you when I come for my next visit! I don't have a bike anymore.
p.s. Dontcha wish Dusty held still like that while you bathed him, LOL!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

LOL that is great!!! Enjoy your new "other" riding time!!!

Broken Y said...

How fun! I love those bikes - I wish I had one, they are so much more comfortable then the new bikes!

Faithful said...

That is great! I remember doing the same on my bike. I started to ride again at 55 and my son loans me his "Burning Man" bike old one like Rocket. I love to ride like the wind, like I did when I was young.