Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Look at my "BIG Hunk of LOVE!"

Yes, that's my COPPERPONY!
Sporting his BRIDLE...
Yes, 40 straight days!!!
We were determined to get the job done!
And we succeded!
Dusty has been such a good, brave boy through
all of this.
I could not have done it without you Doc.
You were there everyday, every step of the way
working diligently.
Thank you for all your patience and hours
that you spent helping and trying to
figure out what was going on.
You are a cherished friend.
Cowboy, thank you for allowing me to LIVE my dream!
You came to the stable everyday and offered your
help, insight, and support.
I love you!
Never a complaint from either one of you!
My Lily Bug is always on my lap while I am blogging!

Doc told me he would take me on a trail ride

if I could get the Copperpony bridled!

I made him keep his promise!!!

There is DNR property behind the stable that we

rode out on a couple days ago.

We stopped to talk to Cowboy and a secret visitor!?!

and got into these!

Dusty was feeling a little "ANTSY!"

He did not like the CReepy things around his feet.

I have never seen him behave this way.

He was stomping' his feet, dancing around,

and doing this quivering thing.

Doc and Dusty Devoe
LOOK who's here!!!

It's a "PONY GIRL"

What fun we had!

We scheduled a ride for the next day.

Will post about our adventures!!!

Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

You looked like you were having so much fun! I am so glad you could get out of the arena! It's been way too long!
I am so happy that Dusty has done so well with bitting! Thank you Doc, for helping my mom! I know she really appreciates it!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

That is Awesome!!! Great job, I knew you could do it!! And your Cowboy and Doc sure are great for all of their help!! That was pretty cool to see Pony Girl in action shooting pictures of you!! Let us know how your next ride goes!!

RiverBend Farm said...

Way to go! I'll bet that felt wonderful. I'm so jealous of all the places that ya'll have to go ride. Keep us updated on your rides.

Desert Rose said...

Was a great day...for you Dusty and DOC TONY!!! Can't wait to come up and go out on those trails with you guys!!!

Pony Girl said...

I'm glad you had so much fun and the horses were so good!! I'm thinking Papa and I need to be making some commission being gate-keepers and photographers, don't you think? ;) I hope to have my pictures from the ride up on my photog blog by tomorrow!

Sares said...

Those ants would have creeped me out too, I don't blame Dusty one bit! Lily Bug is so cute. She looks so cozy on your lap. I'm glad you're getting to hit the trails. I'm sure it's much more fun that that dark, dingy arena!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Congratulations on the bridle with Copperpony...That is fantastic! The videos were neat. It looked like you guys had a lot of fun. Nice weather, too.

Ali said...

Wahooo! Looks like a wonderful time! Am so glad you got out on the trail with Dusty, way to go with the bit!

JAN'S PLACE said...

Yeah for you!!! Job well done, and now the fun really starts!

I wish I could go riding with all of you, you have so much fun!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww, that was so awesome seeing you riding your Copper Pony. You looked great! I saw the photos over at PG's photo blog. Amazing!

Maybe the ants were biting your poor boy? Or maybe they just felt weird crawling on him? I don't like ants anywhere near me either.

Yay! For Dusty's positive progress on his bridling and bitting. Good job for all of you!