Thursday, June 11, 2009

You Have To Make Your Life Happen

Cowboy and I have always loved to go for rides in the country.
We moved back to our hometown 1 yr ago after being away 38 yrs.
We have a dream...
We share that dream with my sisters and their spouses.
We hope to own a small Ranch one of these days.
A place where we can have horses, a garden,
and watch our grandchildren play.
A place where we can grow old together.
On our adventure the other day we came across
this abandoned farm house and barn.
There was a FOR SALE by Owner sign out by the drive.
approx 10 acres
The driveway was blocked by this old piece of equipment.
We decided to go check it out.

It was pretty cool!
Most of the property is flat pasture land.
The original farmhouse had burnt down .
It was built in 1859
There is a small guest cottage that someone
has started to remodel.
Lots of outbuildings.
Cowboy and I found this growing on the property.
It is huge.
It is one of our favorite's.
It's a Beauty Bush
It smells wonderful!!!

The red building is the back of the guest house.

This is the front of the barn.
It was built in 1860
It has 7 stalls
At one end you could store hay.
It has large tack room.
It is really quite big and in good shape.

You see this end of the barn as you go up the driveway.

This is the inside of the barn.

More stalls.

This old truck is in the barn.

So now you are probably wondering how I know
when the house and barn were built?!?
I called the number on the sign to get some information.
The fire was caused by electrical in the old farmhouse.
The man I talked to told me his father-in-law owned
the property.

He is a multi-millionaire and eccentric.
He was not is a hurry to sell it,
because he doesn't need the money.

He would carry a contract if enough money was put down.

What we liked about this piece is that it is open. LOTS of sunshine!

I guess I can DREAM!
Yes I DREAM the LAZY TRIPLE J will become a reality
someday soon!

Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

Yes, it will become a reality someday! Love that place. The barn would be really cool! I so hope that you all can find the right place and make that dream come true!!!

Gin said...

The property is absolutely gorgeous! Whoever ends up buying it will be so happy I'm sure.

Leah Fry said...

Wow! What a great place. The barn looks like it's in fairly good shape. Ha! Listen to me -- who cares about the house — what a GREAT barn LOL!

RiverBend Farm said...

It's absolutely beautiful with lots of potential. So... could this be the place of your dreams?

Cousin B said...

Beautiful pictures....I too hope this (or something just as nice) becomes a reality for you guys. Only I hope its close enough for me to board with ya, then I could finally change my name to "She who rides her own pony!" LOLO

Sydney said...

Awesome! I love old barns.
The house looks like a barn.

Kritter Keeper said...

dusty, get a real estate agent if the price is in your range. (don't negotiate directly with this man) you do not pay the agent anything. he/she gets no pay until the closing and the commission comes from the seller's side. the agent will do comparitives for you so you will know how much acreage is selling in that area. the agent will find out if there are any land issues you will need to know about (encroachments, legal issues, survey issues, etc.) also, the agent can search for you on the computer for farms or land in general in your price range. the multiple listing service does not update for a couple of days so if there is a hot property, only the agents will know and they will call their clients immediately. once it gets to in 24-48 hours, it could already have an accepted offer on it...i like remax agents. they have to be proven and in our area, the brokers do not take on 'green' agents and only invite seasoned agents. remax is known nationally and they sell more than any other company collectively in the u.s.

i want you to realize your dream! i know exactly where you are coming from. land is down now in most of the u.s. as is the interest rates, though they are going up a tad but are still excellent. now is the time to do some serious searching. that property looks awesome. i hope you will work on your dream. you all seem like awesome people who love animals. good luck and don't hesitate to email me if you need more real estate advice.

Mary Olson said...

What a great dream, someday to become a reality, when the time is right and you find just the right place. This place does look pretty darn dreamy! You guys so deserve it!

jrosey said...

Wow! That sure is a beautiful piece of property! Keep that dream alive & know that you can achieve it and you will! Life has a way of working out and if you're putting that good energy out there and are confident in your dreams, knowing that you deserve it, it will most definitely happen!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Here is hoping your dream comes true

Pony Girl said...

If you're not careful, someone reading your blog might swoop in and buy your dream property right out from under you! ;)
I hope the dream of the Triple J comes true. I always have fun property shopping with you!!

Sares said...

I didn't hear about this place. Are you holding out on me! It looks beautiful and like it was fun to poke around in. You got some great pictures!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Dusty~ That property is gorgeous!!! I hope for you the the Triple J Ranch becomes a reality for you all soon!!! I am very fortunate to have ended up here on my ranch, my hubby had wanted to move out for a long time so I finally agreed..Best decision we have ever made!!! I have a beautiful 1937 farm house that sits on around 7 acres and then we also lease another 23 acres (something around there LOL) right out back!! One of the best perks to all of this, our area here is not real expensive..So we got a heck of a good deal for everything we have!! So I hope you get to share in this experience too!!

Ali said...

Beautiful! It looks like a dream, lots of potential, but if its not for you, you will find the perfect place someday! Good luck in your search =)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What a beautiful rustic farm. I hope your dreams come true for you soon!


Desert Rose said...

Well...this one 1/3 of the "Lazy Triple J Ranch" wants all new barns, out buildings and 3 new houses on the ranch!!! And at least 20 acres...preferably 30~
But the place you found is very charming!!!

JAN'S PLACE said...

Lazy Triple J.. that has a nice ring to it...I can see why you are hopeful, that place shows huge promise.. 10 acres.. cool!

Welcome To Wilmoth Farms said...

Dont give up - NEVER give up on your dream! I too dreamed of a farm one day and here I am!!!! In him all things can happen!
What fun that must have been to explore like that....I love to do that sort of thing!!!! It really is a nice piece of property! Wonderful barn thats for sure!!! can live there its roomy enough! LOL

Anonymous said...

I hope you are able to make your dream become a reality. It is a beautiful place.

I enjoy your blog immensely. We have a lot in common, as I began riding at the age of 40. Still learning!