Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shiney Copperpony

Look at this shiny COPPERPONY!
He had a bath today!
It was a good day.
He was on his best behavior... ALMOST!!!
He threw a little foot stompin' temper tantrum...
and I mean HE STOMPED that back foot down HARD.


guess what?!?

He got sprayed with water again because he told us
he could do it,

then decided he couldn't !?!

Doc is rinsing DUSTY

You will see in the video that he keeps
picking up his back foot and he
stomped his left front foot!
I'd like to think it is the water running down his leg

that is bothering him...

or NOT!!!

There was no backing up,
No dancing around.
He let us get the job done!!!


Today was day 25 of bridling.
We are trying something a bit different.
Doc had a lengthy discussion with Miss Phyllis,
our trainer at the stable.
Everything we have done to date is good.
She says there is no rule of thumb here on when
he should be taking it easily.
Every horse is different.
In all fairness to Dusty,
we don't even know if he has ever been ridden in a bit
before this.
After two attempts of bumping
his head down after he raised it and asking him to put your

We went to plan B!!!
Out came the stud chain, across the nose.

Doc took over.


put your head down...
open your mouth...

AND he took the bit!!!

It slid right in!


Tomorrow will be a new day and day 26!
Like I said before
we are on a mission and I don't mean mission impossible!
I don't want to do it is not an option!!!

Copperpony got to graze and dry in the

warm sunshine when done

and he got LOTS of carrots and apples!


Dusty Devoe


Paint Girl said...

He looks like he likes his bath! I had to hose Brandy off today after riding, and she stomped her back foot, due to the water trickling down her leg. Now, I am hosing her off, and holding her at the same time, I use to not be able to do that. So that shows you anything is possible! Maybe someday you can bathe Dusty and hold him yourself, I've done it with Brandy! But not when I first got her, it took a couple years to do that!
I am so happy that you are being so consistent on his bridling. He should be good to go for our August trip!!!

Gin said...

They are absolutely beautiful horses. Really!

Desert Rose said...

So... you and Doc Tony will keep on working with him until you don't have too!!! I hope we can find some dates soon for Dusty to come to PDX or My 2 to come up there!!!

Sydney said...

My gal Suzy always stomps like that when shes getting washed. The water running down her legs drives her nuts. Flies also drive her nuts. You can spray her with a bottle of water and she stops stomping because she imagines them half the time and just wants fly spray.

Kritter Keeper said...

my horses stomp too, sometimes it is a fly, sometimes the water tickles as it drips down the leg. i always dry off the legs for them. copper pony is beautiful!

Sares said...

He really does look copper color with the sun shining on his clean coat. You nicknamed him well. Will Doc bathe Rosie and Jax for us too?!

backattheranch said...

He is so shiny!!! My horse that I just recently sold loved the water hose. He loved it in his mouth!! lol

Pony Girl said...

That was a much better improvement over past baths I've witnessed! :) I think it's important to remember that we don't know how often he was ever bathed in his life. When he lived at his "neglected" home, most likely wasn't. A lot of young horses are raised and sprayed down constantly, bathing becomes second nature to them. I don't think Dusty was ever completely trained the way a proper horse should be. I think he was broke, and was used a kid's/trail horse. He is curious, a "pocket pony", generally spook-proof and well-mannered, but there was probably a lot he was never exposed to when he was young, and, since then, he's never had anyone really work on them with him, like you guys are doing. Great job!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

He did excellent during his bath!! I love a horse that will take the water well, even with a bit of foot stomping. At least he isn't throwing his body everywhere!! He is so shiny!!